Michigan State Democrats Introduce Voting Rights Package

Detroit, MI — Earlier this morning, Michigan Democrats introduced a nine-bill package of pro-voter bills that protect the freedom to vote. The bills will help ensure Michiganders are informed about their voting rights, have options for how they cast their ballot, and provide election clerks with the tools to ensure our elections continue to run smoothly. 

Statement from Common Cause Michigan Program Director Quentin Turner 

At this moment, there is nothing more important than protecting and strengthening our freedom to vote.  

The trend of our democracy is toward greater participation, not less. In each of the last two elections, Michiganders showed up to the polls in record numbers to ensure they had a say in the issues that impact their everyday lives.  

These bills help ensure that all of us can have our voice heard at the ballot box, regardless of where we live, what we look like, or our political affiliation.  

Our vote is our voice and when every eligible voter can freely and fairly cast a ballot, that’s how we hold our government accountable to the needs of our families and our communities.  

Free and fair elections for every single voter is how we vote for progress on the issues we care about most.  

We urge the state legislature to swiftly pass each of these bills to protect every Michigander’s freedom to vote.