Michigan Primary Election Results Show “Democracy Hangs in the Balance”

Statement of Quentin Turner, Common Cause Michigan Program Director 

“Yesterday, Michigan held its primary election. The victories include John Gibbs in the Republican primary for MI-03 and Tudor Dixon in the Republican gubernatorial primary.

Gibbs and Dixon represent a continued movement of partisan candidates who have aided the former president in uplifting the Big Lie — a destructive scheme to try and overturn our votes in the 2020 election. This scheme that Gibbs and Dixon support is what led to the Jan. 6 insurrection, a bloody and violent attempt to block the peaceful transfer of power. 

Let’s be abundantly clear here: Jan. 6 was not legitimate political discourse. It was an insurrection that put the lives of hundreds at stake and put our right to free and fair elections at risk. Gibbs and Dixon’s radical ideas are undemocratic and do not align with Michigan’s values. Michiganders believe in the freedom to vote without fear of intimidation or violence.

After the results of several audits, the fact remains that Joe Biden fairly won the 2020 presidential election and won Michigan’s 16 electors. While we do not engage in party politics or endorse or oppose candidates for public office, we must denounce the Big Lie and those who refuse to uphold the will of the people in our elections. 

Michiganders deserve the right to have a say in our futures.

Candidates such as Dixon and Gibbs unveil the uncomfortable truth that our democracy is under attack in Michigan and across America. This is a serious threat and we must do everything we can to protect democracy and voting rights.

The foundations of our democracy hang in the balance this November. We ask our fellow Michiganders to help protect our Michigan values by preparing and taking action TODAY. Volunteer with our election protection program and serve as the first line of defense against misinformation and senseless obstacles to the ballot box.”