Indiana’s New Abortion Ban Showcases the Need for Redistricting Reform

Statement of Julia Vaughn, Common Cause Indiana Executive Director 

“The Indiana Legislature’s recent decision to ban abortion has stripped away the fundamental rights of millions, taken our state backwards on reproductive freedom and shown why we must update our current redistricting system. 

Let’s be clear here: the majority of Hoosiers consistently believe abortion should be legal. Now, the ban in place will endanger women and girls in a state with the third-highest maternal mortality rates. This decision puts lives in danger and has profound implications for personal life decisions, leaving the rights of every Hoosier in the balance.

Additionally, this decision continues to highlight the weak spots within our state and political system. While there will certainly be electoral backlash, gerrymandering will make it unlikely that extremist partisans will lose their control of the process. This decision has shown that extreme ideology has taken priority over popular policies and is the result of a supermajority created using unfair maps.

The best and only way to make progress happen is through comprehensive reform of the redistricting process. Indiana must follow the lead of a growing number of states and put a balanced and bipartisan group of citizens in charge of redistricting. We must also put strong rules in place that prohibit drawing districts to benefit any party or individual and that require the entire process be conducted transparently and to enhance public participation.

While this new law is a blow to our rights and freedoms, we must keep fighting. That involves voting in every election and being informed about which candidates truly believe in protecting our voice and rights. 

In Indiana, unfair redistricting has facilitated minority rule. But for those of us able, we must continue to do the necessary work to preserve the rights for all.”