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Voting Rights Advocates, Concerned Citizens Come to Settlement With Gary Common Council in Redistricting Suit

GARY, IN — Late last week, Gary, Ind. resident Barbara Bolling-Williams — a long-time voting rights advocate — came to a settlement with Gary, Indiana’s Common Council in the lawsuit over the Council’s failure to redistrict. The court ruled that the old maps the Common Council planned to use were malapportioned and, as such, found the current redistricting plan unconstitutional.

Voting Rights Advocates, Concerned Citizens Call for Equal Representation After Filing Redistricting Lawsuit

GARY, IN — Today, Gary, Ind. resident Barbara Bolling-Williams — a long-time voting rights advocate — filed a federal lawsuit against the city’s Common Council for failing to draw new maps before the Dec. 31, 2022 redistricting deadline. 

Indiana’s New Abortion Ban Showcases the Need for Redistricting Reform

“The Indiana Legislature’s recent decision to ban abortion has stripped away the fundamental rights of millions, taken our state backwards on reproductive freedom and shown why we must update our current redistricting system."

Common Cause Indiana Issues Statement on Passage of New District Maps by Indianapolis City County Council

"We are disappointed but not surprised that the leadership of the City County Council needlessly rushed redistricting and voted on new districts without allowing enough time for public input."

Common Cause Indiana, Concerned Clergy and the NAACP Indianapolis Branch Call for More Public Outreach Before Council Vote on Redistricting; Denounce Rushed Process that Denies Communities a Fair Opportunity to Be Heard

Today, three organizations who have long worked to protect voting rights in Indianapolis called on the Indianapolis Marion County City County Council to delay a vote on new district maps until additional meetings are held in each township.

Citizens Redistricting Commission Releases Draft Map; Urges Rules Committee to Provide Additional Opportunities for Public Comment Before Voting on New Districts

Today, Common Cause Indiana released a draft map of new Indianapolis Marion County City County Council districts drawn by its multi-partisan Indianapolis Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC) and urged the Council to provide additional opportunity for public comment before finalizing the new map.  The ICRC consists of nine Indianapolis voters:  three Republicans, three Democrats and three individuals who are neither Republican nor Democrat.  Last week, the ICRC spent Tuesday and Wednesday evening online with a mapping expert working to develop a draft map.  It was sent to members of the City Council’s Rules and Public Policy Committee today with the request that it be considered along with the redistricting proposal developed by an outside law firm at the behest of the Council majority. 

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