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Voting & Elections Campaigns...

Judicial Elections

Common Cause Indiana helped implement a new system that selects judges based on merit, not politics.

Stopping Inaccurate Voter Purges

The freedom to have your voice heard is about determining the future for our families, communities, and country.

Absentee Voting

Every Indiana voter deserves modern, secure, fair, and accessible elections, including "no excuse" absentee voting if they cannot make it to the polls.

Early Voting

Every citizen deserves a say in our elections, but not everyone can get to the polls on Election Day. That's why we need early voting.

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End Gerrymandering in Indiana!

Ask your state lawmakers to support redistricting reform that ensures district maps are drawn by independent citizens, not self-interested politicians.

Modernize Our Elections!

Bring "no excuse" absentee voting to Indiana.

Stop Voter Purges!

Thousands of Hoosiers have been illegally removed from our voter rolls. Tell state officials to stop using an inaccurate computer database to “identify” and purge voters.

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