Saving Democracy: Where the Democratic presidential candidates stand

Here's where the Democratic presidential candidates stand on democracy their own words

There have been three Democratic presidential debates so far and zero questions on the one issue that affects every single other issuedemocracy reform.

Tonight’s debate on CNN provides moderators with another chance to ask presidential candidates about topics that cut to the core of our democracy, like getting big money out of politics, ensuring fair political representation, strengthening our ethics laws, increasing transparency, and more. And hopefully, the candidates themselves will raise these topics in their answers. It’s of the most important discussions we should be having as a country. 

In the meantime, we wanted to compile for you where the Democratic presidential candidates debating tonight stand on the issues related to democracy reform. Below are links to the issue pages on their websites proposing their reforms. (Note that we’re not linking to tweets, press releases, op-eds, etc., just what they have chosen important enough to present to voters through their sites. In addition, please note that some candidates have chosen to list their reforms on a single page while others have broken down the issue into different topic pages.) We’ve linked to each page available for you right here:

Former Vice President Joe Biden

Senator Cory Booker

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Former Sec. of Housing & Urban Development and Mayor of San Antonio Julián Castro

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

Senator Kamala Harris

Senator Amy Klobuchar

Former Congressman Beto O’Rouke

Senator Bernie Sanders

Tom Steyer, businessman

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Andrew Yang, entrepreneur