Statement on Partial Release of Fulton County Special Grand Jury Report

ATLANTA — The extent of the criminal conspiracy to overturn Georgia voters’ will in the 2020 election was made clearer Thursday, as a portion of a Fulton County special grand jury report was released.

 Common Cause Georgia supported the decision to release portions of the report, and urges full disclosure at a future point, in the interest of transparency.


The following is a statement from Aunna Dennis, Common Cause Georgia’s executive director:


“Our democracy works best when we can vote without barriers and know that the choices we make at the polls will be respected and upheld.

“We in Georgia came dangerously close to seeing those core beliefs tossed aside when former President Donald Trump tried to overturn the valid and sacred choices made by Georgians in the 2020 presidential election. 

“I am grateful to the special grand jurors in Fulton County who spent months investigating this criminal conspiracy, and confirmed sections of the report released today that no widespread fraud took place during the 2020 elections in Georgia. 

“It’s time for those who broke our laws to face consequences. Anyone who participated in this dangerous criminal conspiracy to insult, disregard and disrespect the choices of Georgia voters must be held accountable.”