Common Cause Georgia Urges Release of Fulton County Special Grand Jury Report

 ATLANTA – Common Cause Georgia is urging the release of a Fulton County special grand jury’s report detailing what the jurors uncovered in a months-long investigation into how former President Donald Trump and his supporters tried to overturn the 2020 election results.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney held a hearing Tuesday but did not issue a decision from the bench on whether he would release the report. 

The special grand jury, a panel made up of ordinary citizens, recommended the report of findings be made public before they disbanded.

The decision about whether to seek criminal indictments against former President Donald Trump or others now rests with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

In court Tuesday, Willis opposed the release of the report and said “decisions are imminent” as to whether she would seek charges against those identified in the report. 


Statement from Aunna Dennis, Common Cause Georgia’s Executive Director


Transparency is essential in our democracy, to reassure us that our government by, of, and for the people truly is working on our behalf.

That is why we at Common Cause Georgia are urging Judge McBurney to release the contents of the special grand jury report, either now or in the near future. 

We as voters need assurance that the undemocratic attempts by former President Donald Trump and his associates to throw out our votes in the 2020 election won’t be swept under the rug and ignored. 

We also need to have accountability, something Georgia voters have yet to see with no arrests or charges yet filed against those who tried to throw out our votes more than two years ago.

Those who broke our state’s laws must face consequences, in order to answer to the crimes they committed and to show that our voices and votes will always be heard. 


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