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Common Cause Georgia is calling on Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms to end the practice of bonuses to City Hall executives and staff.


Common Cause Georgia Opposes Voting Machines Legislation

Common Cause Georgia announces its opposition to Senate Bill 403, which is the voting machines legislation introduced at the beginning of the 2018 legislative session.


Common Cause Georgia Embarks on a Statewide Gerrymandering Tour

On September 16th, Common Cause Georgia will begin a two month tour around the state focused on the issue of gerrymandering. The tour will offer a brief history of gerrymandering in Georgia, a discussion of current problems with our redistricting process, and a training session for citizens interested in pushing local redistricting reforms.

Voting & Elections 10.7.2016

Common Cause Georgia Urges Governor Deal to Extend Voter Registration Deadline in Anticipation of Hurricane Matthew’s Landfall

As Hurricane Matthew barrels toward the Georgia coastline, Common Cause Georgia is calling upon Governor Nathan Deal to extend the state’s voter registration deadline in an effort to ensure that Georgians affected by the storm will still have an opportunity to cast their ballots in November. Georgia’s voter registration deadline is Tuesday, October 11, 2016 – only a handful of days after Hurricane Matthew is expected to make landfall on the Georgia coastline late this evening.

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