Common Cause Georgia Calls on Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms to End Executive Bonuses

Common Cause Georgia is calling on Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms to end the practice of bonuses to City Hall executives and staff.

“Atlanta deserves to know that Mayor Bottoms will end the practice of bonuses and employee gifts for winning lip sync contests,” said Sara Henderson, executive director of Common Cause Georgia. “The citizens of Atlanta should be able to have faith that their municipal government isn’t mishandling their money. The fact that this was done in a previous administration is moot. Mayor Bottoms campaigned for and claims to support transparency and ethics at City Hall. Let this be her first test of that campaign pledge. End the unnecessary gifts and bonuses to city employees,” Henderson said.

The City of Atlanta has been in the spotlight for $518 thousand in bonuses and “party gifts” during December 2017 as former Mayor Kasim Reed was leaving office.