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Voting & Elections 05.12.2022

Georgia Primary: Deadline to Request Absentee Ballot is Tomorrow

Voter Assistance Available - Self Help Stations and Election Protection Hotline *** “In our government ‘by the people’ we owe it to each other to make sure we all vote.”

Voting & Elections 04.29.2022

Early Voting in Georgia Primary Starts Monday

Voter Assistance is Available - “In our government ‘by the people’ we owe it to each other to make sure we all vote.”

Voting & Elections 04.23.2022

Voter Registration Deadline is Monday, April 25

This is OUR ‘government by the people’ – and we owe it to each other to make sure we all participate. We owe it to each other to check our voter registrations, to make our plans to vote, and to take our family and friends with us when we vote.

Voting & Elections 04.14.2022

“Thank Election Heroes Day” Celebrated Across Georgia

Our ‘government by the people’ relies on local elections workers. In 2020, more than 27,000 Georgians worked to ensure that our elections ran as smoothly as possible – and this week, Common Cause members across Georgia said “Thank You!”  

Voting & Elections 04.5.2022

New ‘Election Police’ Bill Passes on Sine Die

During yesterday’s chaos, it was very clear that some special or partisan interest wanted Georgia to have its own ‘Election Police’ force, just like Florida. So, now we have one – to the tune of almost $580,000 a year. That’s money that could and should be spent, instead, on things that would improve Georgians’ lives, like school lunches, housing assistance, and economic development programs that create good jobs.

Voting & Elections 04.2.2022

New Anti-Voter Bill May Slide Through Legislature on Sine Die

When the Legislature takes up SB 89 on Monday, we hope that the Senate Ethics Committee’s reasoning will prevail over whatever special interests are driving these proposals.

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