Voter Registration Deadline is Monday, April 25

Common Cause Georgia Reminds Voters to Check/Update their Registration

Problems Reported with “My Voter Page”

Other Days-to-Know for Voters are Coming Soon

Common Cause Georgia Executive Director Aunna Dennis urges voters to check their voter registration – and correct or update it, if necessary – before Monday’s deadline to register before the primary elections.

Voters who have internet access can check and correct their voter registration at Eligible Georgians who are not on the voter rolls can also use the online system to register to vote.

Dennis also noted that problems have been reported with the online “My Voter Page” system,, which is the portal for voters to find their ballot status, in-person voting locations and other information.

Voters in some counties are experiencing issues with sample ballots on the “MVP” site.

  • Voters in Gwinnett County have reported only having access to the Republican and Nonpartisan sample ballot, but not the Democratic sample ballot.
  • Barrow County voters have reported they do not have access to any sample ballots.
  • The Secretary of State’s Office has been informed about these issues.

Voters have reported challenges accessing the “MVP” page as recently as this morning. 

  • Voters in Dougherty County and Fulton County have experienced issues logging in to the “MVP” website. 
  • Voters have reported that they could access their information on the “MVP” site at one point in the day – but less than 24 hours later, they received an error message stating that the website could not locate their information as a registered voter. This issue does not appear to be an isolated incident, but rather a glitch in the entire system.

There are also inconsistencies between polling place information provided by the Secretary of State’s Office and the County offices. For example: a list of polling places for Dougherty County provided by the Secretary of State’s Office includes four polling locations that are not listed on the county’s website; and does not include three polling locations that are on the county’s website. This raises concern around which list is being used for the “MVP” website and whether the polling place information on the website may be outdated. 

Dennis also noted that the “MVP” page has had a history of problems in past elections.

In addition to Monday’s deadline to register or update voter registration, voters should also know about these upcoming dates:

  • April 25 – Registrars begin mailing absentee ballots for May 24 elections
  • May 2 – Early Voting (“Absentee-in-person”) begins for May 24 elections
  • May 7 – Mandatory Saturday of Early Voting
  • May 13 – last day to submit absentee ballot applications for May 24 elections
  • May 14 – Mandatory Saturday of Early Voting
  • May 23 – Voter registration deadline to vote in June 21 elections – federal offices only
  • May 24 – Federal and state Primary Elections
  • June 10 – last day to submit absentee ballot applications for June 21 elections
  • June 13 – Early Voting for June 21 elections must begin by this date
  • June 21 – Runoff Elections as needed after May 24 elections
  • October 11 – Voter registration deadline for November elections
  • November 8 – Federal and state General Elections
  • December 6 – Runoff Elections as needed after November 8 elections


Statement of Aunna Dennis, Executive Director of Common Cause Georgia

Anti-voter laws that have been pushed through the Legislature haven’t just created barriers to voting, they have created confusion about how Georgians can exercise our freedom to vote.

But this is our ‘government by the people’ – and we owe it to each other to make sure we all participate. We owe it to each other to check our voter registrations, to make our plans to vote, and to take our family and friends with us when we vote.

We owe it to each other to know the deadlines, and to know the exact rules – such as not being allowed to take a family member’s mail ballot to the post office or to a drop box for them. Georgia’s legislature keeps adding barriers to voting – but this is supposed to be our government, and so we need to make sure those barriers don’t keep us from having our voices heard and our ballots counted.

I’d like to remind voters to double-check information they get from the MVP system – or to allow extra time to vote, if needed because a polling location has changed.

It doesn’t matter if you call our government a ‘democracy’ or a ‘republic’ – either way, it depends on all of us participating in our elections. Our ‘government by the people’ is stronger and more representative when we all vote.