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At Common Cause: Recognizing Our Democracy Fellows During Black History Month

As we honor and work to advance the legacies of Black change-makers this Black History Month, we here at Common Cause want to take a special moment to highlight some of our Democracy Fellows – as well as the transformative work they have spearheaded at their Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).


Reparations Should Not End With a Check


USA Today: HBCU bomb threats are a painful reminder of past anti-Black violence, students say

USA Today: HBCU bomb threats are a painful reminder of past anti-Black violence, students say Sophia Parker, who is a Spelman fellow for Common Cause, a nonpartisan group that defends voting rights, said she thinks there's been "a lack of action taken on behalf of Black Americans" when threats are made against them. ... Parker and her fellow Spelman students plan to reach out to elected officials this month. The threats Spelman and other HBCUs faced were, in part, caused by pushes to ban discussions about racism from classrooms , she said. “A lot of my peers who aren’t even that politically involved, at least not as much as I am, are talking about wanting to get involved, just like writing letters to our senators, our representatives, people who are pushing these bills," said Parker.


Sneaker Subculture: A Pathway to Equity and Economic Freedom


The Impact of Polarizing Ads on College Voters


The Seduction of Rage: Pushing Back Against “We Are Not Our Ancestors” Rhetoric within Black Youth Activist Culture


Unmasking the Real Charlotte-Mecklenburg


Covid-19 Has Shown How Little Mississippi Does for Children


Charlotte Must Meaningfully Help Residents Experiencing Homelessness


I Am Not An Angry Black Woman – Period.


Doing More Than Voting

Read this first-hand account of election volunteer work done by one of our Davis Democracy Fellows!

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