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Together, we are building the next generation of democracy leaders, equipping student activists with the skills they need to hold power accountable on their campus, in their community, and beyond.


At Common Cause: Recognizing Our Democracy Fellows During Black History Month

As we honor and work to advance the legacies of Black change-makers this Black History Month, we here at Common Cause want to take a special moment to highlight some of our Democracy Fellows โ€“ as well as the transformative work they have spearheaded at their Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).


We are thankful for the work of our fellows.


Alliance for Emerging Power | October Newsletter

โœŠ This democracy movement takes ALL of us.


Alliance for Emerging Power | September Newsletter

๐Ÿ‘€ You're going to want this update on where the youth voting rights movement currently stands.


Thirsty For Change: How To Move Forward Regarding The Jackson Water Crisis

"To ensure access to clean water, we need to invest in infrastructure maintenance and repairs."


Alliance for Emerging Power August Newsletter

Check out this month's newsletter to learn more about the ACP, Common Cause's 53rd Anniversary, and the great things we're doing across the country!


Welfare programs should not be a political issue

Welfare was created to help people, and it should continue for the same reason: because it helps people.


Embracing Critical Race Theory: A Call for Honest Dialogue

An honest dialogue about CRT can help to eliminate contention.


Alliance for Emerging Power July Newsletter

Check out our first newsletter to learn more about voting rights, SCOTUS, and the great things we're doing across the country!


Removing Barriers โ€” How Maryland Legislators Can Make The State More Worker-Friendly

"If the health of an education system is assessed through achievement and attainment, it is critical that Maryland legislators follow the Baltimore example in removing barriers to success. Specifically, it is time that the Maryland General Assembly make community college available โ€” free of tuition and fees โ€” for all county residents."


Determining the Results: How Young People Can Impact Major Elections

"These conversations resulted in meaningful dialogue, sparked interest in the upcoming competitive congressional race, and created a lot of newly registered voters."


‘Where Hope Lies’ โ€” How Young Organizers Have Taken on the Climate Crisis

"In the youth climate movement, hope and hopelessness exist simultaneously. Despite an overwhelming sense of hopelessness, I still get up every day and continue to fight for our future."


‘Shaping This World’ โ€” How Gen. Z Is Getting More Engaged in Politics Than Ever

"For the longest time, I felt super alone for being so political, aware, and angry all the time. When I started climate activism, I felt like a boy crying wolf who was never lying about the wolf in the first place. Little did I know I was part of a growing youth movement that would become mainstream in no time."


Watching Change: A Story of How Youths Can Inspire a New Future

"Politics is a source of division in the world; as a teen, I thought there was no way to get along with someone who thought differently than I did. After hearing stories and seeing people behind policies, I realized that we may be opposed to policies, but almost all of us in the world are trying to make it better."


‘We Are Black Women’: A Story of Injustices in America and Holding Power Accountable

"Whether it was me in Rocky Mount, NC, Eleanor Bumpurs in the Bronx, LaTanya Haggerty in Chicago, or Rosann Miller in Brooklyn, it is evident that Black women have been racially and sexually profiled at rates that surpass that of our white counterparts, and yet we hear very little of this in the media."


The Power of a Congress that Looks like the People

"Congress was designed to be a direct channel for people to speak to power, and when we only allow these spaces of power to be occupied by a specific demographic, we do a disservice to the promise of democracy."


Reparations Should Not End With a Check

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