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2021-2022 Common Cause Democracy Fellows


Christina Willams
Clark Atlanta University - Senior

“I want to be a Common Cause fellow because I'm passionate about increasing civic engagement in my community, and I knew that the fellowship would provide me with the training, resources, and network to get there.”

Janiah Henry
Clark Atlanta University - Junior

“I am a fellow because I care about deconstructing the ideas of the oppressed that make them disengage in voting. Voting is the language our government understands and we have to teach others to speak that language.”

Sophia Parker
Spelman College - Junior

“I aspire to work in politics one day and Common Cause is laying the groundwork for equal access to adequate information regarding voting and the government. I am a sponge and I love learning so I am excited to learn.”


I'Dreamer McCaffity
Coppin State University - Senior

“I am a Common Cause fellow to spread education and awareness within Baltimore and surrounding communities. Also, to become a member of a team whose main focus is to initiate change for a brighter future.”

Mykayla Davis
Coppin State University - Sophomore

“Having an equitable democracy depends on the leadership of my generation. I believe that it is important for us to start talking about social issues so that we can begin to work collectively for change.”

Niyah Norton
Bowie State University - Sophomore

“I want to be a Common Cause fellow to encourage my peers to use their voice. I hope to spread awareness on political issues and increase political participation on my campus.”

Rondez Green
Bowie State University - Junior

“I am interested in developing civics education and engagement because the denial of political representation continues to haunt the United States of America to the detriment of American democracy.”


Andrea Boykin
University of Southern Mississippi - Senior

“I want to be a common cause fellow to learn more about the different ways politics are affecting us in Mississippi as well as in other states. I also want to be able to share this new knowledge with my peers.”

Briana Burton
University of Southern Mississippi - Senior

“I want to be a Common Cause fellow because I want to do all I can to actively learn and act on improving or maintaining stability of local education, political outreach, and voting.”

Jessica Ross
Jackson State University - Junior

“The systemic injustices African-American people face in this country is unbearable to think about. This concerns me for my generation and others to come. It is our votes that can help make the changes we need.”

Matty Cafiero
Millsaps College - Senior

“I am really interested in getting more students involved through increasing voter participation and education on my campus and in my community.”

North Carolina

Ahmayah Smith
Winston Salem State University - Senior

“I believe that being active is key and we should educate ourselves about policies and how they affect us. By staying active, students can make a difference and help address the inequalities we face.”

Charles Carter
Fayetteville State University - Senior

“I wanted to learn more about public policy & advocacy. Upon graduation, I intend to teach High School English in my hometown while working in my community to help make things better.”

Charlie Collins
Livingstone College - Junior

“I decided to be a fellow to help my peers see the importance in using their voice. I believe that voting will help me and my Black peers have the same chance as our white counterparts.”

De'Ja Bunyan
North Carolina Central University - Senior

“I want to be a Common Cause fellow because I saw the amazing work that was being done on my campus and I wanted to use my skills to help further Common Cause’s mission.”

Denarra Kimble
Elizabeth City State University - Junior

“Voting is important to me because it gives everyone a chance to use their voice. Voting is our chance to pick a leader who represents our personal views & will make the changes we need.”

Jacob Richardson
North Carolina A&T University - Senior

“I am a Common Cause fellow because I wanted to dedicate my time to my community and thought that getting other young people civically engaged was a great way to do it.”

Jalen Robinson
Livingstone College - Sophomore

“I want to be a civic leader on my campus because student’s voting rights are under attack and I want my peers to see that everybody has a right to stand their ground and use their voice at the polls.”

Jameliah Pinder
Shaw University - Junior

“It is easy for young voters to be ignored by politicians, but through my fellowship Common Cause allows me to redefine democracy by expressing my thoughts on current and trending issues.”

Mackeyla Davis
St. Augustine's University - Sophomore

“I am a Democracy Fellow because I enjoy talking about politics and really wanted to learn more about issues in my community.”

Marcia Bailey
Bennett College - Senior

“I am a fellow because it is important for our generation to be active participants in democracy. In order for us to see change, we must take action and be the change future generations need."

Nijah Williams
North Carolina A&T University - Senior

“Common Cause gives me a way to further express my passion for politics and government and combines that with doing the right thing as well.”

Rheyann Kirby
North Carolina Central University - Sophomore

“I want to be a Common Cause fellow because I support the mission of Common Cause to strengthen our democracy. I also want to become a more active leader on campus, and this is an amazing opportunity to do so.”

Ryan Shaw
Winston Salem State University - Junior

“I am a fellow because students need to understand what is happening politically and understand their rights on how to address the issues they see in their communities.”

Sainey Ndure
Johnson C. Smith University - Senior

“I am a Common Cause fellow to help motivate my fellow students to vote. It is important for students to vote because that is a way students can share their opinions on the issues that affect them and their community.”

Vanessa Ward
Fayetteville State University - Junior

“I am a fellow because I want to be a part of democracy reform as well get students on my campus involved with the politics that directly affect them!”


Kamryn Witherspoon
Virginia State University - Junior

“I became a fellow because I want to persuade others to vote responsibly. The actions of my peers determine the future. If we are not active participants, we are relinquishing our control to a quality way of life.”

Tileah Robinson
Virginia State University - Junior

“One of the reasons I wanted to be a Common Cause Fellow was because I wanted to spread the importance of voting, and while doing that learn more about my rights as a voter.”

Yousif Omer
Virginia State University - Sophomore

“I want to make a difference and inform my peers on campus. It is important for us to be active participants in democracy because we play an important role in making critical changes in our society.”

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