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Since 2005, Common Cause’s Alliance for Emerging Power has been dedicated to amplifying the voices of young people across the country. 

Now more than ever before, young people face a unique and overwhelming set of challenges in our current political, economic, and social systems. They are often the first to be affected by political and social issues; yet, their voices are often overlooked by policymakers, community leaders, mainstream media, and more. We know that today’s generation of young voters want things to work the way they are supposed to, for everyone

That’s why we’re excited to share their Stories of Democracy.

Giovanna Bruno
Nick Fulton
Washington, DC
Sara Karp
Ashley King
North Carolina
Jack Waxman
New York
Iris Zhan

Additional Youth Writing

Over the years, the Alliance for Emerging Power has been collecting written pieces from youth activists across the country. Here are a few resources that feature their work. These resources may inspire your own work!

Writing for a Just World
Youth Voices Democracy Wire

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