Voting Rights Advocates Applaud Senate Passage of Historic Voting Rights Bill – Senate Bill 5

(Hartford, CT) – Today, the Connecticut Senate voted in favor of Senate Bill 5—a critical piece of legislation that will expand voting rights, implement automatic voter registration, restore voting rights for people on parole, and more. Automatic voter registration (AVR) has already been implemented in 23 states across the country and is supported by the vast majority of voters, with recent polling showing that 77% are in support of AVR.

In response, Cheri Quickmire, Executive Director of Common Cause in Connecticut released the following statement:

“At a moment when voting rights across the nation are under attack, Connecticut can put itself on the right side of history by expanding voting rights here at home. We know that common-sense voting reforms like automatic voter registration and restoring voting rights for people on parole are not just the right thing to do. They are exceptionally popular across party lines.

We applaud the Senate for voting in favor of this critical legislation, and urge the House to seize this moment to move Connecticut into the future and pass these long overdue measures.”

Tom Swan, Executive Director of the Connecticut Citizen Action Group, added:

“States across the nation — both red and blue — have implemented automatic voting registration, and thanks to today’s vote, Connecticut is one step closer to doing the same. There is extraordinary demand from residents of all political affiliations, backgrounds, and ages for changes that expand voting access. Right now, we as a state are facing a simple choice: are we going to move into the future on voting rights? Or are we going to remain trapped in the past?

We must use this opportunity to do the right thing for residents — and the smart thing as a state. We’re thankful for members of the Senate who voted in favor of this important bill, and look forward to working with our partners to ensure its final passage in the House.”