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Common Cause in CT Addresses Bridgeport Ballot Stuffing Allegations

“We will watch this situation closely as it develops, and we will continue to speak up against those who intend to sow doubt in the integrity of our elections.”

Voting & Elections 09.15.2023

Urgent Funding Needed for Reliable Tabulators and Upgrades

Common Cause in Connecticut joined other advocacy groups on Thursday to call for Governor Ned Lamont to release funding to get new voting equipment in place before the 2024 election. 

Voting & Elections 06.6.2023

“A Win for Connecticut’s Democracy:” Early Voting, Voting Rights Act Passed

Common Cause in Connecticut applauds the lawmakers and advocates for their tireless work to pass these voting reforms.

Voting & Elections 05.26.2023

Civil & Voting Rights Organizations Commend Connecticut Senate for Passing Historic State Voting Rights Legislation

Connecticut advocacy organizations applaud Senate for passing Connecticut Voting Rights Act.

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