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Voting & Elections 06.9.2021

Cannabis Bill Delayed Until Special Session

The promise of a special session offers a potential lifeline for any number of bills that do not pass before the deadline of midnight tonight. For instance, [Speaker of the House] Ritter said SB 5 would be included in the eventual implementer bill. That proposal, a host of updates to Connecticut voting laws, passed the Senate but was never raised by the House. Ritter said that might not be the only thing that comes back. “We’ll be going over the list of things that both chambers want,” [Senate President] Looney said of the coming special session. “But certainly Senate Bill 5 is a high priority for us.”

Voting & Elections 06.3.2021

CT shuffles toward referendum on no-excuse absentee voting

The Senate voted 27-9 Thursday night for final passage of a resolution that opens a multi-year process for voters to decide if the state Constitution should be amended to increase the General Assembly’s discretion over the use of absentee ballots. At issue is a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow the legislature to authorize no-excuse absentee voting. Connecticut’s rules for absentee voting are among the most restrictive in the U.S. and they are enshrined in its constitution.

Voting & Elections 05.12.2021

Resolution to allow expanded absentee voting clears House

(...) The legislation passed the House on a 103 to 44 vote, with nine Republicans joining the Democrats in support. In order for the question to have appeared on the November 2022 ballot, the resolution needed 75% of the chamber’s support. The resolution now awaits action in the Senate. (...) “It’s time to make this commonsense measure permanent. If the legislature doesn’t pass the no-excuse absentee ballot resolution this session, voters will quickly lose the rights they gained just months ago,” Cheri Quickmire, executive director of Common Cause in Connecticut, said in a statement.

Voting & Elections 05.6.2021

House approves early voting question for statewide decision in 2022

HARTFORD — The often-emotional nationwide political battle over ballot access reached the state Capitol on Thursday, but the House of Representatives, in a bipartisan vote, approved legislation that could change the Connecticut Constitution and create procedures for early voting.

Voting & Elections 05.2.2021

NBC CT: Activists Push for Voting Changes in Connecticut

Legislators, faith leaders and activists gathered outside Hamden Town Hall to demand the passage of two pieces of voting rights legislation.

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