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Voting & Elections 02.23.2023

Fox 61: Public speaks out on early voting proposals in Connecticut

The Secretary of the State is recommending 10 days, but Common Cause in Connecticut recommends at least 14 days.

Voting & Elections 02.23.2023

Republican-American: State legislators begin debate on upcoming early-voting process

Alex Knopp, a member of the state advisory board for Common Cause Connecticut, testified Wednesday on the implementation of early voting.

Voting & Elections 02.23.2023

CT Insider: CT secretary of the state pushes for 10 days of early voting

"This is necessary to meaningfully increase access for working people, especially single parent families, and those working multiple jobs."

Voting & Elections 02.22.2023

CT Mirror: In public hearing, CT residents debate framework for early voting

"Connecticut is one of four states without early voting, effectively disenfranchising voters who can’t afford to wait in long lines or make it to their polling locations on Election Day — many of whom are people of color and people with low income. (...) Chen, a student at Yale University, was among the dozens of state residents who publicly testified in support of in-person early voting at a public hearing for the measure, in addition to a constitutional amendment that would permanently allow residents to cast mail ballots without having to provide an excuse."

Voting & Elections 02.22.2023

How Many Days of Early Voting Should Connecticut Adopt?

"Despite those financial and logistical concerns, written testimony submitted to the panel skewed overwhelmingly in favor of implementing early voting in Connecticut and advocacy groups like the ACLU of Connecticut and the state’s chapter of Common Cause urged lawmakers to approve a longer window for ballot-casting that included weekend hours. 'The data on early voting is clear: more flexibility for voters of all backgrounds means more participation, and more participation makes for a Connecticut that works for all of us,' Cheri Quickmire, executive director of Common Cause in Connecticut, said."

Voting & Elections 02.22.2023

Common Cause in Connecticut Urges Legislators to Provide Ample Early Voting Options

“We’re asking the legislature to design an early voting system that meets the needs of all voters."

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