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Voting & Elections 04.21.2022

Advocates explained that SB 471 could be a huge step forward, especially for communities of color.

HARTFORD, Conn — With about two weeks left in the general session, voter advocate organizations and leaders gathered outside the state Capitol on Thursday to urge lawmakers to pass a voter's rights act in Connecticut. "This bill gives Connecticut the strongest protection against voting discrimination of any state law ever," explained Steven Lance, Policy Counsel with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Advocates explained that SB 471 could be a huge step forward, especially for communities of color.

Voting & Elections 04.21.2022

Civil Rights Coalition and Connecticut Legislators Join Together in Calling for Passage of Voting Rights Bill S.B. 471

“It will be nine long years in June since the Supreme Court gutted key provisions of the federal Voting Rights Act. In the absence of Senate action to fix the law, it’s time for the states to act instead."

Voting & Elections 04.15.2022

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) assures that the winner of an election is preferred by a majority of voters.

Now is the time to enact a Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) bill to create a task force to study the implementation of RCV for state, federal and municipal elections in Connecticut.

Voting & Elections 04.7.2022

Ban Foreign Spending on State Ballot Referendums

"It may be hard to imagine that Putin will interfere in Connecticut’s electoral process, but it would not be illegal because neither federal nor state election law bars foreign entities from contributing unlimited amounts of funds to influence the outcome of a state ballot referendum. All Connecticut residents, whether Democrats, Republicans, or unaffiliated voters, should be concerned. Fortunately, the General Assembly still has an opportunity to close this glaring loophole before the session ends May 4 by passing Senate Bill 431..."

Voting & Elections 04.1.2022

Candidates in the race for Connecticut Secretary of the State differ on allowing prisoners to vote

"Several Democrats and an independent running for the open seat of Secretary of the State are divided on how far Connecticut should expand access to voting. During an online forum organized by the liberal advocacy group Common Cause, the candidates were asked if they would support ballot access for people behind bars..."

Voting & Elections 04.1.2022

Secretary of the State candidates discuss, early voting, ranked-choice

"All the candidates supported the Voting Rights Act bill that moved out of committee this week. The bill aims to remove barriers to voting that impact people of color and other social-equity impediments. 'Voter suppression is not just a problem in Georgia, Alabama and Texas,' said Lesser, who wrote the bill. 'Some municipalities have problems, they run out of ballots, there are inadequate instructions on voter requirements, and redistricting. This bill will change a lot and provide a real opportunity.'"

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