TODAY: Deadline for Trump to File SCOTUS Brief Against Colorado Ballot Removal

WASHINGTON D.C. — Today is former president Donald Trump’s deadline to file his merits brief to the United States Supreme Court to make his case against the ruling from Colorado’s highest court that removed him from the ballot. The Colorado Supreme Court heard 5 days of arguments and evidence, ruling on December 20 that Trump is ineligible to serve as president for engaging in insurrection.

Colorado Common Cause filed an amicus brief in the Colorado Supreme Court’s case urging the Court to enforce the Constitution and hold Trump accountable in line with the “disqualification clause” of the 14th Amendment, ultimately aligning with the court’s final ruling. 

Oral arguments before the Supreme Court are set to begin on February 8. The high court’s decision in this case will set precedent and provide nationwide guidance on  Donald Trump’s eligibility for the ballots.

Statement of Aly Belknap, executive director of Colorado Common Cause:

Donald Trump sent an armed mob to the Capitol in an attempt to overturn the results of the election, violating the Constitution and undermining the will of the people. He should not be given another opportunity to do so again.

Former President Trump’s eligibility for the Colorado ballot has broad reaching implications for the permissible conduct of future presidents and other public officials. In a strong democracy, elections are decided by the voters at the ballot box, not with violence or intimidation. The Supreme Court has the power to set a critical legal precedent to safeguard the future of American democracy: you cannot stoke political violence against your own country and hold elected office.

The Supreme Court must embrace its role as an active defender of our Constitution, or else it may crumble under the immense pressure it will surely face in the years to come. Just as we argued in our brief to the Colorado Supreme Court, the U.S. Supreme Court must not allow politics to supersede Constitutional requirements.

Colorado Common Cause will continue to watchdog this case, and is committed to ensuring power is held accountable so the Constitution is honored and upheld — there is no alternative.