“Reject The Cover-Up” Rally In Denver to Protest GOP’s Sham Impeachment Trial

DENVER  –Wednesday, February 5, 2020 5:30 PM. On the night that Senate Republicans are expected to “acquit” Donald Trump after they blocked key witnesses with incriminating evidence from testifying, protesters will gather in front of the Byron Rogers Federal Building as part of the nationwide “Reject The Cover-Up” rallies.

The event is part of a nationwide effort to hold President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers accountable for betraying the American people and the Constitution. Protesters will send a clear message to Trump and to GOP senators: Any “acquittal” made after blocking key evidence is not an exoneration—it’s a cover-up.

More than 160 events are being planned across the country by a large coalition of groups, including Common Cause, Indivisible, Greenpeace, NextGen America, Public Citizen, Sierra Club, Stand Up America, Women’s March, and numerous others. A full list of events can be found here.

Reject The Cover-Up Rally 

5:30 PM

Byron Rogers Federal Building 1961 Stout St, Denver, CO 80294
Host Contact: geof@indra.com

Common Cause Colorado, Public Citizen, Indivisible, Stand Up America, Reject the Cover Up, MoveOn, Front Range

If you are covering the event, please contact the event host  geof@indra.com for logistics. For Common Cause interviews please contact Amanda Gonzalez, 303 292-2163 agonzalez@commoncause.org.

“What happened in the Senate over the last few weeks was a sham. A trial without witnesses and new evidence is not a trial at all. It’s a cover up of Donald Trump’s betrayal of our democracy. Even as the Senate failed us and ignored their oath of office, the ultimate power in our country and our government still remains with We The People. Trump is not going to protect our elections, so that means we have to.We must fight for a free and fair 2020 election.”
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