Correction Issued for Teller County Ballot Misprint

14,812 Teller County voters will receive a replacement ballot in the mail 

TELLER COUNTY, CO – A correction has been issued to address the vendor misprint that resulted in approximately 15,000 Teller County voters receiving an incorrect ballot in the mail for the 2023 Coordinated Election. The Colorado Secretary of State’s office is working directly with the Teller County Clerk’s office to ensure all impacted voters are issued replacement ballots. 

Replacement ballots will be mailed to all impacted voters by the end of the day on Friday, October 20, with USPS expedited mailing. Voters can vote their replacement ballot, or they can visit the Teller County Voter Service Center at the Woodland Park Library to vote the correct ballot in person. 

Those who already voted with the incorrect ballot will have that ballot voided upon the receipt of their replacement ballot; if no replacement ballot is cast, the first ballot will be counted for the races that correctly appeared on that first ballot. An insert explaining this correction will be included in all replacement ballots, and the Teller County Clerk is pursuing additional avenues to notify impacted voters. 

“Voters have the right to vote on everything on the ballot, from school board races to statewide ballot measures,” said Aly Belknap, executive director of Colorado Common Cause. “Teller County voters can rest assured that their local elections are trustworthy, secure, and no matter how they choose to vote, their vote will be counted fairly. We applaud the Colorado Secretary of State and the Teller County Clerk’s office for catching the error and working to ensure that every impacted voter is informed and has the opportunity to vote with a correct ballot.”  

The incorrect ballot is missing applicable school board races and state ballot questions. The correct ballot is supposed to say “Ballot style 7” in the upper right-hand corner. The incorrect ballot has letters (PO-UPRHS) in the upper right-hand corner instead. Voters with an incorrect ballot should discard it and wait for their replacement ballot, or go to vote in person. 

Voters in the Cripple Creek/Victor School District RE1 were not impacted by the misprint and are advised to not discard their ballots. 

Voters can return their ballot to a Drop Box or Voter Service Center or vote in person at a Voter Service Center. To vote in person, voters should be in line by 7:00 PM on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7. 

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