Building a better democracy starts with lifting the voices of the people.

Colorado has one of the best elections systems in the country—and Colorado Common Cause has been a driving force in this achievement. In 2013 we helped write and pass legislation that gave Colorado voters more opportunities to register to vote and more choices for casting a ballot. This legislation:

  • Allows Colorado voters to register up to and on Election Day
  • Increased the number of days that voters can register online via the Secretary of State’s website
  • Required that alleligible voters receive a ballot in the mail for each election in which they are eligible to vote
  • Created Voter Service & Polling Center (VSPC), where voters can register to vote, update their voter information, pick up a replacement ballot, and/or vote in person
  • Eliminated the “Inactive – Failed to Vote” status, which had previously resulted in registered voters not receiving mail ballots for elections in which they would be eligible to vote
  • Established a commission to assess voting and registration system technology and make recommendations for the future
  • Increased the accuracy of the voter rolls by requiring regular updates from other national and statewide databases

We will work to protect the progress that we have made, while focusing on preserving early voting hours and expanding locations.

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