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We're fighting for fair elections & voters rights

For almost 50 years, Colorado Common Cause has led efforts to protect and strengthen the right to vote in our state. We were instrumental in creating an election model where ballots are delivered by mail to all voters, in-person voting options are preserved, and same-day voter registration is available. Our election protection program provides Coloradans with nonpartisan voter information. And we work with officials to ensure our elections are secure.

Voting & Elections Campaigns...

Modernize Voter Registration

Together, we are making commonsense updates to our elections so more eligible Coloradans can register, vote, and have their voices heard.

Protecting Voters on the Ground

Colorado Common Cause works to ensure that every eligible voter in our state has the tools to register to vote and cast a ballot.

National Popular Vote

As they stand today, presidential elections are not as democratic as you may think. The National Popular Vote helps return power to the people.

Expanding Voter Access & Safeguarding our Elections

Colorado Common Cause is leading the fight to make voting more equitable and accessible for all Coloradans, while ensuring our elections are secure and accurate.

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Colorado: Demand Net Neutrality!

Our Representatives in Congress have the power to overturn the FCC's decision to end net neutrality. Contact them NOW and demand their support for a free and open internet.

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Colorado Common Cause works year-round to create an open, honest, and accountable government. Support our work this Colorado Gives Day!

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