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Citing potential ‘chaos,’ Supreme Court bars states from enforcing insurrectionist ban against federal candidates, including Trump

“Donald Trump lied, cheated, and unleashed violence when the election did not go his way, and his ongoing incitement has led to an unprecedented rise in attacks and death threats against election workers, judges, and other public servants,” Belknap said. “By refusing to hold Trump accountable and allowing him to skirt around the pillars of our Constitution, SCOTUS has greenlit this behavior for future public officials.” Article by Chase Woodruff for Colorado Newsline, 3/4/24.


While most people held in county jails have the right to vote, few actually do

Hunter Nelson, political chair at Colorado Black Women for Political Action, cited a 2020 study from Colorado Common Cause that found most people in Colorado jails are eligible to vote, but the infrastructure and accessibility differing from county to county makes it difficult to know what to do. “All Coloradans deserve the right to vote and deserve access to the information needed to make informed voting decisions, including Black women and people who are being held in county jails and detention centers during an election cycle across our state,” Nelson said. Article by Lindsey Toomer for Colorado Newsline, 3/1/24.


‘I remember Hitler,’ says 91-year-old Republican behind Trump eligibility case

Common Cause was among various groups that submitted an amicus brief to the high court in support of removing the twice-impeached former president from the ballot. "American democracy has never meant unchecked mob rule," Colorado Common Cause executive director Aly Belknap said Thursday. "Donald Trump sent an armed mob to the Capitol in an attempt to overturn the results of an election." "His ongoing incitement has led to an unprecedented rise in attacks and death threats against election workers, judges, and other public servants," Belknap asserted. "There must be consequences for political violence—the Supreme Court must hold the former president accountable to the people and to the Constitution." Article by Jessica Corbett for MSN


Colorado lawmakers seek to penalize 'fake electors' under perjury laws

"There must be consequences for overturning the will of the voters, both to prevent these schemes from being attempted in the future and to ensure accountability to those responsible for future attempts," added Aly Belknap of Colorado Common Cause. Article by Marissa Ventrelli for Colorado Politics, 2/28/24


Colorado Politics: Colorado bill tasking attorney general to study online 'misinformation' sparks First Amendment debate

"Our democratic institutions only work when we can all engage with them accurately and honestly," Barton said. "Because of the threat of misinformation and disinformation, it's imperative that data around how such information is spread through online media sources can be gathered and examined so the legislature can develop data-driven solutions that help build understanding and trust within our political systems." Article by Marissa Ventrelli for Colorado Politics, 3/6/2024.


Colorado Politics: 'Deepfakes' and AI content: Colorado lawmakers dive into new tech ahead of November elections

“The availability of generative AI tools makes it easier than ever to spread false information and propaganda with little resources and at a large scale, leaving voters confused and further questioning what they see or hear,” (Belknap) said. “We can’t let generative AI go unchecked in political campaigns. In this increasingly complex information ecosystem, it’s critical that citizens have the tools to determine whether an image, video, or audio representation made by a candidate campaign is authentic and truthful.” Story by Marissa Ventrelli for Colorado Politics Feb 27, 2024

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