Colorado Media Rallies Against Amendment 71

Colorado Media Rallies Against Amendment 71

A growing number of respected publications are urging Coloradans to vote No on Amendment 71.

Some of the largest newspapers across the state have voiced their opposition to Amendment 71—a ballot initiative which would make it nearly impossible for everyday Coloradans to amend the state constitution. Read why, in their own words, these media outlets are urging their readers to vote No on 71:

“Paying for a signature gathering effort in 35 districts across the state, and defending signature challenges in all of those districts, would easily render the cost of presenting a ballot unaffordable to all but the wealthiest of campaigns.”

–Denver Post, No on Amendment 71: Colorado’s Raise the Bar initiative gets it wrong

“The requirement to gather the signatures of at least 2 percent of registered voters — not active voters, the current standard — in 35 different state senate districts effectively gives any single state senate district veto power over a ballot issue. “Raise the bar” did not meet its own standard to reach the ballot.”

–Boulder Daily Camera, Editorial: Amendment 71 takes power from the people

“Amendment 71 would only undermine the critical power of untouchable legislation held by voters to protect themselves from partisan scams. This is no time to surrender that power. Vote no on Amendment 71.”

–Aurora Sentinel, EDITORIAL: No on Amendment 71 — don’t make ballot access pay to play

“But the collateral damage from this amendment should it pass would reach far beyond the oil and gas issue. It would severely limit the rights of all Colorado citizens regardless of their party affiliation or political persuasion. That’s why so many diverse voices are opposing 71, from the conservative Independence Institute to Democratic Rep. Jared Polis.”

–Boulder Weekly, 2016 Voter Guide

“It’s clearly too easy to change Colorado’s Constitution. There are plenty of amendments in the state’s founding document that have no place in our core document. That said, Amendment 71, which would make it harder to amend the Constitution, doesn’t offer the answer. In fact, the measure makes it too hard.”

–Greeley Tribune, Tribute Endorsements

“To be sure, bringing rural voices into the state’s political dialogue is something to strive for. However, voters throughout the state, in rural and in urban areas, already get a chance to have their say — when they vote. Colorado voters have batted down many wrongheaded amendments, and will continue to do so.”

-Summit Daily, Editorial: ‘Raise the Bar’ goes too far in effort to fix unwieldy amendment process