Caucuses, Primaries, Conventions, Oh My!

Caucuses, Primaries, Conventions, Oh My!

Are you clueless about caucuses? Perplexed by the primaries? Or are you a pro, with experience as a precinct committee person or state convention delegate? Whatever your political IQ, make sure to join us at our next informational happy hour on February 4th for a lively nonpartisan discussion of the primary and caucus systems. We will give an overview of how they work in Colorado, discuss the merits and flaws of both systems, and review the importance of Iowa and New Hampshire (including how this can be problematic). Bring an inquisitive mind and your questions!

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Mark your calendar for our next informational happy hour on Thursday, Feb. 4th. We will discuss the caucus and primary systems, with a focus on what’s coming up in Colorado this spring/summer. Don’t miss it!

Posted by Colorado Common Cause on Thursday, January 14, 2016

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