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Media & Democracy 08.29.2017

New Media Hub Forms in Colorado

The Colorado Media Alliance is the newest in a series of small, independent media “hubs” that are forming around the country. These coalitions of media outlets, nonprofit organizations, and other groups are collaborating in new ways to shed light on underrepresented issues within their communities.

Media & Democracy 02.21.2017

Fighting for High-Speed Internet Access

Many Coloradans who live in small towns and rural areas do not have access to high-speed internet. Local governments are trying to fill this void by providing municipal broadband for their citizens. However, they face several unnecessary legislative barriers.

Voting & Elections 02.2.2017

Kicking off the 2017 Session

While the country ushers in a new presidential administration, the Colorado General Assembly has returned for its 71st legislative session. Learn about our policy priorities this year at the Capitol.

Voting & Elections 05.12.2016

2016 Legislative Wrap-Up

May 11th marked the last day of the 2016 legislative session in Colorado. Over the last 180 days, nearly 700 bills were introduced and debated. We worked on dozens of bills to protect voting rights, reduce the influence of money in politics, and strengthen transparency and government accountability.

Media & Democracy 05.11.2016

One for the people over the telecom industry

Connectivity is essential to participation in civil society. Emergency communications need to be reliable, every time, across media.

Media & Democracy 06.25.2015

Why Colorado Wants Internet Freedom

Colorado ranks number 4 in technology based economic development. Communities are doing a lot to expand internet access into rural parts of the state to allow for even more of that. These changes will create new opportunities for people living in economically depressed areas, and add rural living to the list of options for entrepreneurs stuck in the city in a gorgeous state like Colorado. But if we lose internet freedom, these opportunities will be available only to the very wealthy or very connected.

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