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Common Cause Wisconsin and Other Statewide Fair Maps Advocates Challenge State Legislative Candidates in 2024 to Take This Pledge to Support Fair Voting Maps

All Candidates Must Be Proactive to Inform CCWI and Voters of their Position on This Issue!

Voting & Elections 07.5.2024

Court’s Restoration of Ballot Drop Boxes Is a Victory for Voters and Democracy

Decision Enables Many Wisconsinites to Better be Able to Return Absentee Ballots and Have Them Counted

Voting & Elections 05.9.2024

Oral Arguments Before Wisconsin Supreme Court on May 13th in Case to Allow Voters to More Readily Be Able to Return Absentee Ballots

The highest court in our state should not create barriers to voting or restrict access to casting a ballot, including returning an absentee ballot through a secure drop box.

Voting & Elections 04.26.2024

Common Cause Wisconsin weighs in on the Role of the Election Observer

This week the Wisconsin Elections Commission held a public hearing for comments about their draft administrative rule on election observation. Common Cause Wisconsin submitted this statement in support of a rule that will provide clarity and uniformity for election observers to witness the election process while allowing election officials to complete their duties transparently and unobstructed and voters to cast their ballots privately and with confidence.

Voting & Elections 03.11.2024

Both Measures Could Adversely Affect Elections

On the April 2nd Spring Election ballot in Wisconsin, in addition to contests for local offices, judgeships, school board members and other positions, the Wisconsin Legislature has directed that there be two constitutional amendments put before voters for approval or rejection and they are important in how they affect elections and democracy in Wisconsin and in your ability to participate in those elections fairly and freely.

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