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Money & Influence 08.22.2018

Fung warned about campaign HQ rent

A flurry of allegations that Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, a GOP candidate for governor, got a special deal on the rent for his campaign headquarters from a major developer in his city resulted in a warning — but nothing more serious — from the Rhode Island Board of Elections on Wednesday.

Voting & Elections 07.31.2018

Common Cause RI calls for public financing of campaigns to curb influence

Political candidates filed quarterly reports Tuesday. The reports will show how much money they’ve raised and also be an indication of the strength of their campaigns.

Voting & Elections 07.13.2018

Political Roundtable: Significance Of SEC Probe For RI

John Marion, executive director of the good government group Common Cause of Rhode Island, joins Political Roundtable to discuss an SEC probe with a Rhode Island link, the recent General Assembly session, and fallout from recent endorsement controveries.

Voting & Elections 06.28.2018

Probe sought over rent-free offices

A government watchdog group wants an investigation into whether a Rhode Island real estate developer tried to curry favor with politicians of both parties by giving them free campaign offices. John Marion, the executive director of Common Cause, filed a campaign finance complaint earlier against Republican gubernatorial candidate Allan W. Fung after WPRI-TV reported that the ...

Money & Influence 06.25.2018

Trillo says pro-Fung billboards violate campaign-finance law HIDE CAPTION Cranston Mayor Allan Fung has been accused of violating campaign finance law in connection with digital billboards in North Providence endorsing his candidacy for governor. [The Providence Journal, file / Glenn Osmundson]

Fung’s campaign for Rhode Island governor violated campaign finance law by using digital billboards in North Providence touting his candidacy and not reporting it in campaign finance documents, independent gubernatorial candidate Joe Trillo said Monday.

Voting & Elections 06.18.2018

Fung Facing Elections Board Complaints By Raimondo, Morgan & Common Cause

Two rivals of GOP gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung, Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo and Republican Patricia Morgan, filed complaints Monday against Fung with the state Board of Elections about questions surrounding Fung's campaign headquarters in Cranston. The non-partisan good government group Common Cause of Rhode Island also filed a complaint against Fung.

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