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Between 2017 and 2020, the Pennsylvania legislature spent $203 million in taxpayer money on food, lodging, and other perks for lawmakers and their staff.

On Wednesday, July 28 at 5 p.m., Spotlight PA’s Angela Couloumbis; Sam Janesch, Brad Bumsted, and Mike Wereschagin of The Caucus; and Khalif Ali, executive director of Common Cause Pennsylvania, participated in a free Q&A on state lawmaker expenses.

Money & Influence 04.30.2021

PAC with ties to mayoral candidate not disclosing all its contributions and expenses

"There should be complete transparency. People should always know where your donations come from and exactly what the dollar amount is," Ali said.

Money & Influence 01.28.2021

Former state Rep. Frank Dermody, who used to appoint members to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, on Thursday received an appointment of his own and the $145,000 annual salary it brings.

“We know that nationally, about two-thirds of Americans believe that politicians ‘don’t care about people like me.’ This kind of revolving door employment reinforces that cynicism. A cooling-off period for former state legislators, before they take other state jobs, would reassure voters that public employees are working in the public’s interests,” Ali said.

Money & Influence 01.6.2020

Pittsburgh’s decade-long effort to limit the influence of money in city politics now faces both a court challenge and complaints from some candidates that it threatens to stifle democracy.

“Pittsburgh and other cities, and counties, need to be more forward and be more aggressive at setting up their own campaign finance laws,” said Micah Sims, executive director of Common Cause Pennsylvania, a nonpartisan government accountability group.

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