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Khalif Ali Joins Plaintiffs Calling for Fair Maps

On December 31, 2021, Common Cause PA's Executive Director Khalif Ali joined plaintiffs from across the state in filing an Application to Intervene in the ongoing congressional redistricting litigation currently before the Commonwealth Court.

A disturbing trend is emerging in some corners of Pennsylvania politics: if at first you don't succeed, change the rules until you do.

Republican state lawmakers, frustrated by the governor's power to veto laws, are now abusing Pennsylvania's constitutional amendment process to get what they want.

The controversy over the ad underscores how Pennsylvania’s partisan judicial elections can be just as contentious as campaigns for any other office.

The controversy over the ad underscores how Pennsylvania’s partisan judicial elections can be just as contentious as campaigns for any other office.

More than $2 million has flowed through the crowded campaign to stock the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas.

Khalif Ali, the director of the good government group Common Cause Pennsylvania, said of the self-funded campaigns that “the most glaring problem is the fact that not everyone can do that.” “The judge that can fund his or her own campaign with $100,000 or more certainly doesn’t understand or can empathize with the story of someone who has lived in poverty their entire life,” he said. “There could be a struggle to represent the interest of someone in poverty.”

Zoom meetings are not addressed in Sunshine Act, so schools can choose; IUP ending practice nowBil

“The goal of the Sunshine Act is to encourage and guarantee the public’s right to participate in government decision making, and all agencies should take steps to make it easier for the public to attend public meetings,” she said. “ When virtual technology is used in addition to in-person public meetings, it can result in increased public participation.’’ Khalif Ali, executive director of Pennsylvania Common Cause, offered a similar view.

The heads of many of some of the most high-profile agencies in state government face what could be contentious confirmation battles.

With former Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar’s abrupt departure and the election tensions still high, the confirmation process for Boockvar’s successor may be the most contentious, said Khalif Ali, executive director of Common Cause in Pennsylvania. "That's going to be the spiciest," he said.

Rep. DeLissio holds town hall session

While the other speakers agreed on an Article 5 convention, Sims disagreed. “There’s a wide spectrum of issues that are calling for states to come together. Everything is open at an Article 5 convention. Why don’t we try to invest in everyday people? Pennsylvania could pass a bill.”

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