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Voting & Elections 06.15.2021

Pennsylvania House and Senate Committees Consider Proposals to Make Voting More Difficult

Common Cause Pennsylvania adamantly opposes both proposals. HB 1300 in its current form will place multiple restrictions on the voting process that millions of Pennsylvanians have come to depend on. SB 735 is expected to lower turnout among Black, young and new voters.

Voting & Elections 06.3.2021

Arizona Sham Election Review Has Destroyed Ballots and Voting Machines

Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano visited the Arizona State Fairgrounds yesterday, where charlatan consultants have been conducting a sham review of the November 2020 general election. Voting machines and ballots have been irrevocably destroyed in the process. He is  proposing to replicate the process in Pennsylvania.

Common Cause PA Presents “Introduction to Redistricting”

The second webinar in the “Demystifying Democracy” series explained the upcoming redistricting process to Pennsylvanians from across the political spectrum. A recording of the event is available.

PA Supreme Court Appoints Chair of Legislative Reapportionment Commission – Without Any Public Process or Input

While we appreciate the quick work of the Court and congratulate Mr. Nordenberg on his appointment, we are disappointed that the process was conducted exclusively behind closed doors and that the LRC once again does not reflect the broad diversity that makes Pennsylvania special. 

Common Cause PA Urges Pennsylvania Supreme Court to use Transparent Process to Select Chair of Legislative Reapportionment Commission

"Pennsylvanians deserve a redistricting process that puts our communities, our values, and our experiences at the center."

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