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House State Gov. Committee Passes Amended AI Disclosure Bill

"Pennsylvanians deserve transparency around AI-generated political communications."

Voting & Elections 05.28.2024

Advocates for voters sue Pennsylvania for rejecting thousands of mail-in ballots due to inconsequential handwritten date mistakes

The groups claim that rejecting mail-in ballots for incorrect or missing dates—which have no bearing on voters’ eligibility—violates the state constitutional right to free and equal elections


Ballot Redesign Successful, Notice and Cure Still Needed

"This redesign is an excellent start, but notice and cure would ensure that every mail-in voter who makes the effort to participate in our elections has their vote counted.”

Voting & Elections 05.3.2024

Pre-Canvassing Passes in Pennsylvania House

“This is a straightforward, nonpartisan fix that will make a dramatic difference for voters and election officials come November."


TODAY is Primary Day in Pennsylvania

Voters to decide on Attorney General, State Treasurer, Auditor General, and more


PA Voting Rights Advocates Support Fair Districts Amendment

"This bill is an opportunity to take the power to draw district lines away from political insiders, and give it to ordinary citizens who represent the diversity of our Commonwealth."

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