Part 1: How to post a job description

Part 2: How to post the job on the careers page


Step 1: Hit the plus sign to add row at the top corner of the Careers List module (the one on the same line as careers & featured listing?).

Step 2: Follow the fields and fill in relevant information

Feature Listing? Yes
Display on Google Jobs? Yes
Headline: “Job Title”
Description: Copy a sentence from the description
Date Posted: Today’s Date
Valid Through: Date 3 Months from now

Job Location: Remote or enter office address
Base Salary: Enter Salary information

Employment Type: Full time, Part-time, contract

Add Row
Add Button 1?

Button 1 Text: Apply Now
Button 1 URL: Enter URL

Part 3: How to remove a job from the careers page

Removing a Job Post has two simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the back-end of the Careers & Opportunities page and remove the position with the minus button.

Step 2: Go to Pages and trash the job description page.