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NEW: An analysis by Common Cause Oregon, Tribal Democracy Project, and the National Congress of American Indians investigates the impact of this redistricting cycle on American Indian/Alaska Native communities & Tribal Nations across the country. Based on our findings, we make the following recommendations to improve the process:

  1. Resource Native-led organizing — early and often — throughout both the Census and redistricting processes.
  2. Ensure a timely Census process that accurately captures Native populations.
  3. Recognize tribal sovereignty and legally enshrine the following in redistricting processes:
    • Conduct extensive outreach to Tribal Nations with regard to physical, digital, and language accessibility.
    • Facilitate and provide resources for a process that gives Tribal Nations the option of selecting at least one redistricting commissioner.
    • If Tribal Nations choose to forego option B, require a representative from Tribal Nations in the decision-making room and/or require Tribal Nations’ input as to the selection of redistricting commissioners.
  4. Ensure Tribal and Native Community input in the redistricting process.
  5. Expand broadband access. 

Read the Executive Summary Here

Full report to come soon!


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