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Fair Districts Speakers Bureau

The goal of the Fair Districts Speakers Bureau is to create a network of community-based leaders who can speak to their friends, neighbors, families, and community organizations about the importance of redistricting and fair districts, thus motivating an expanding circle of Ohioans to take action to demand fair districts. You can get involved in the following ways:

  • As a presenter: You don’t need to be an expert to help spread the word about the need for fair maps!  
  • As a helper: Even if you are not keen to be the main presenter yourself, you can participate as a “buddy” or tech helper, or help by finding and signing up groups for presentations
  • Get up to speed by checking out our Speakers Bureau Training recording and slides.
  • View the recording from our 2/18/2021 Speakers Bureau “Next Steps!” training, and take a look at the slides for a typical presentation.
  • Fill out this FORM to sign up to be a part of the Speakers Bureau. 
  • Link to request a presentation: fairdistrictsohio.org/contact-us 

Community Mapping

Fair Districts is encouraging community map making so that we can have better information available when map-makers begin to draw lines. Read more about community mapping HERE. You can take part in a couple of ways:

  • As a facilitator: Learn to use the districtr.org mapping software and help groups create their own community maps
  • As a helper: conduct surveys with neighborhood groups; spread the word about community mapping; take part in a mapping discussion of your own community. 
  • Catch up by checking out the slides and a recording from our 1/25/2021 Community Mapping & DistrictR Tutorial
  • Check out the Slides and a recording from the 2/22/2021 Community Map-making training for facilitators
  • Fill out this FORM to sign up to be a part of our community mapping team. 
  • Sign up for a practice session with Trevor

Transparency Team

Join a team pushing for transparency at the Ohio Statehouse so that we have access to the deliberations around redistricting. Sign up for a training focused on Ohio’s Sunshine Laws and how to do a public records request. Register HERE for the 3/16/2021 event with Catherine Turcer from Common Cause Ohio and Gary Daniels from the ACLU. 

Legislative watchdogging

Follow Fair Districts and our coalition partners to stay in the loop about redistricting in Ohio, and pressure map-makers to give us the fair maps we want and deserve. We will send out action alerts, request public comments and letters to the editors, and let you know who you should contact when to exert the maximum pressure for fair maps. You can also take part in public hearings to make sure the official map-makers know we are informed, adamant, and ready to fight for the fair maps we demanded in the 2015 and 2018 redistricting reforms.  

Map-Making Competition

Later in the year, after the delayed census data finally becomes available, you can take part in the Fair Districts map-making competition. Stay in touch for further information about when the competition will start and what software we will be using. 

Want to connect with us?

You can sign up for the Fair Districts email list here, and check out our upcoming events here.

You can also follow along with our efforts on social media:

Ohio Fair Districts Facebook

Ohio Fair Districts Twitter

And check out our Fair Districts website at fairdistrictsohio.org!

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