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Community Mapping: What it is and why we’re doing it

Spreading the word about the harms of gerrymandering

Common Cause Ohio's 2019 Summer Intern Kanyinsola Oye took on an independent project all about the connection between gerrymandering and real-life problems in the local community. Through interviews with community leaders, she found a way to take the abstract political term and the show how the hurt it causes is real. In this presentation she shows how her project worked, and sets out steps for others to take similar action. She also discusses the Pledge to End Gerrymandering and shows how all Ohioans can step up to stand for #FairDistricts.

Voting & Elections 08.22.2019

Common Cause and Partners Suggest Improvements to AVR Bill

Letter to Lawmakers

On Wednesday, 8/21, Senators Sykes and Manning introduced a bill (SB 186) to slightly update Ohio's voter registration process. Although it is a good starting point, Common Cause and partners responded with a letter detailing some changes they would like to see.

Voting & Elections 03.29.2019

How Ohio Can Expand Voting Rights


Voting is the foundation of our democracy. It is the right upon which all of our other rights depend. Generations of Americans fought and died for our right to vote, the freedom to choose our leaders, and the right to speak up for our beliefs. It’s important that we honor these sacrifices and ensure that no American is unfairly denied the right to vote.


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Letter to Lawmakers

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