Common Cause Ohio Statement in Reaction to Corruption Trial Verdict

COLUMBUS, OH — Today, both former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and Former Chair of the Ohio Republican Party Matt Borges were found guilty of racketeering. The following is a statement from Common Cause Ohio executive director Catherine Turcer:

“Ohioans can rest easy tonight knowing that, at long last, Householder and Borges will be held accountable for the massive public corruption that was the whole House Bill 6 scandal from beginning to end.

This verdict has powerful implications for the rest of the country. Citizens United may have opened the floodgates of corporate cash, but that doesn’t mean that pay-to-play is legal or right. The trial revealed how essential basic disclosure is and the importance of being able to follow the money. Transparency provides guardrails so that Ohioans cannot be taken advantage of.

Today, we celebrate the powerful facing consequences for their lust for power and greed. Tomorrow, we begin to repair our broken campaign finance system so this never happens again.”