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All About Ohio’s Issue 1 in August


“Issue 1 is a solution in search of a problem, and its backers know that. They are afraid of the power you hold when you mark your ballot. Don’t let them dilute that power. Don’t let them cheapen it.” Ohio voters, Issue 1 backers fear you. Give them something to be scared about,  column by Howard Wilkinson, WVXU, July 31, 2023


“We must learn from history. History is our best teacher. In 1953, the Ohio Constitution still proclaimed that the Ohio National Guard was open to white males only. The General Assembly placed an amendment on the November 1953 ballot to remove the word ‘white’ from the qualifications. That amendment passed with 58.2% of the vote. Eight years later, in November 1961, Ohioans voted on an amendment to remove the males-only language. Ohioans approved the amendment, with 50.1% of the vote. Many essential reforms, in any era, do not reach 60%.” From home rule to the initiative itself, Ohio would have never won many reforms under a 60% rule, column by Mike Curtin in the Ohio Capital Journal, July 31, 2023


“Enough is enough. We want representative government – and the citizen-led constitutional amendment process is one of the last tools in the toolbox to lift our voices.” No on Issue 1 – a sinister attempt by political extremists to end majority rule in Ohio, op-ed by Brian Pearson, North Shore AFL-CIO ‘s political director, in the Plain Dealer/, July 30, 2023  


“When the sin of greed is left unchecked, it will always try to find loopholes and ways around any checks and balances in society. Ohioans, with access to the initiative and referendum, have the ability to update and modify guardrails to keep our government working for the people and lift up issues that are otherwise ignored.” Deacon: ‘No’ on Issue 1 to protect Ohio from greed, stop 1 county from blocking will of majority, op-ed by Nick Bates, director of the Hunger Network in Ohio, in the Columbus Dispatch, July 29, 2023


“I ask that voters look beyond the rhetoric and ask yourself do you want to be controlled by a minority, or should the majority rule as this country was based on.” Voting Against Issue 1 on Aug. 8,  by Frank Papini, president of USW S.O.A.R. Chapter 23-9, from St. Clairsville in the Intelligencer-Wheeling News-Register, July 29, 2023


“The same political leaders who delivered a $1.3 billion bailout to FirstEnergy for $61 million in secret payments to a social-purpose nonprofit, which funded campaign commercials for the favored candidates of convicted felon, former House Speaker Larry Householder, now claim to protect us from special interests and corporate greed.  In short, the Ohio politicians behind State Issue 1 think voters are stupid or ignorant and don’t realize corporate greed is in full support of Issue 1 as the way to protect corrupt legislation born of political bribes from the possibility of constitutional veto by engaged citizens.” Issue 1 TV Flim-Flam, Toledo Blade editorial, July 27, 2023


“Fellow small business owners: use your voices to protect the democracy and freedom that allow us to thrive and contribute to our neighborhoods, our economy, our culture. And I strongly ask that all Ohio voters vote ‘no’ on Issue 1.” Katalina’s owner: Issue 1 a threat to democracy. Small business owners must use voices, letter to the editor from Kathleen Day, aka “Katalina” Day of Columbus to the Columbus Dispatch, July 27, 2023


“Issue 1 underscores their greed, their hypocrisy, and their disdain for the will of everyday Ohioans who don’t have a lobbyist at the Statehouse.” House minority leader: Issue 1 about ‘drunk on power’ liars and their well-documented deceit,  op-ed by State Rep. Allison Russo, Columbus Dispatch, July 27, 2023


“As a Veteran & current Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in Ohio Air National Guard, I will be voting ‘No’ on Issue 1. If Issue 1 passes, a small minority of voters would block policies that a majority of Ohioans want. That’s just wrong.”  Issue 1 would bring dishonor to our legacy of integration, op-ed by Zach Roberts, Master Sergeant with the Ohio Air National Guard in Dayton, in the Dayton Daily Newspaper, July 23, 2023 


“Since 1913, when Ohioans first became able to regularly exercise their direct power over the state constitution, 71-citizen led proposed amendments have made it by petition to the ballot.  Of these, only 19 won approval.  Those amendments needed only a simple majority of statewide voters to pass.  The proposed 60 percent rule would have caused another eight of the 19 citizen-initiated amendments to fail.” Why I’m voting no on Ohio Issue 1 Aug. 8  column by retired publisher David E. Dix in the Record-Courier, July 23, 2023


“Bottom line: The net effect of Issue 1, should it pass, could be to end genuine voter-pushed amendments and —practically speaking — give the General Assembly a near-monopoly on proposing constitutional amendments. That’s the same General Assembly that was up to its collective neck in the House Bill 6/FirstEnergy affair, the biggest Statehouse scandal in 220 years of statehood. And it’s the same General Assembly whose districts are self-rigged to assure GOP majorities. Think there’s any chance the legislature will propose a true anti-gerrymandering amendment? Yeah — when water runs uphill.” Think Ohio lawmakers are out of control now, they’ll have near-monopoly if Issue 1 passes, column by Thomas Suddes in the Columbus Dispatch, July 23, 2023


“Once an issue is on the ballot, whether proposed by a citizen initiative or a disrespectful legislature, it must remain open to majority rule. Vote ‘no’ on Issue 1.” Keep citizens’ power to use majority rule, letter to the editor in the Toledo Blade, July 23, 2023


“Don’t be fooled. This is a brazen partisan power play, put together in haste as abortion rights advocates began gathering petition signatures. Issue 1 wouldn’t protect the constitution, or elevate the process. The power of Ohioans would be diminished, say, a 55% percent majority no longer carrying the day. The minority would see its role enhanced, a hair above 40 percent enough to defeat a proposal.” Issue 1 ‘a brazen partisan power play’ that strips power from voters,  column by Michael Douglas in the Akron Beacon Journal, July 23, 2023


“All voters should remember that constitutional amendments passed now are likely to last for many years and may last forever. Issue 1 forever? Horrible. Join four past Ohio governors and four past Ohio attorneys general (equally from both political parties) who have written the legislators and governor opposing the passage of State Issue 1. Please follow their nonpartisan advice and vote ‘no.’” Ohio voters, beware Issue 1, op-ed b Darrell W. Opfer in the Toledo Blade, July 22, 2023


“I am passionate about democracy. Since the founding of our country, we have considered 50% plus one additional person to be a majority. Issue I is an attempt to change this and give decision-making to the minority by requiring that a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution receive at least 60% of the votes to be successful. This would mean that as few as 40 out of every 100 people (a minority!) would make the decision for everyone.” If you don’t vote, democracy fails and future generations’ voices may be stifled, letter to the editor by Lyn Robertson, former mayor of Granville, in the Newark Advocate, July 22, 2023


“Ohio Issue 1 is not about any one issue, it’s about majority voter power over every issue. Issue 1 is asking Ohio voters to go to the polls, put our hands around our own necks, and strangle away our own power to hold out-of-control Statehouse lobbyists and lawmakers accountable. This is being asked by lawmakers sitting in unconstitutionally gerrymandered districts, amid a backdrop of the largest political bribery and racketeering scandal in Ohio history, where energy lobbyists and executives conspired with Ohio’s most powerful lawmakers to rake Ohioans out of $1.3 billion dollars.” The wild desperation of the lobbyists and politicians attacking voters and the Ohio Constitution, column by David Dewitt in the Ohio Capital Journal, July 21, 2023


“The only fair way to decide constitutional issues would be voting on any issues in the November general election. Join me in voting no on issue 1. Voting no will stop minority rule in Ohio!” Get rid of outside influence by voting no, letter to the editor by Norman Capps of Lima in the Lima News, July 21, 2023


“This August issue, if passed, will take away a time-honored freedom from Ohio citizens: the will of the simple majority, one of our country’s most treasured democratic principles. You might wonder how dictatorships get their power. It is exactly like that.” On Aug. 8, your freedom is at stake, op-ed by Carol (Ward-Williamson) Gibson of Elida in the Lima News, July 21, 2023 


“Everyone in Ohio should research this State Issue 1, and realize it is another attempt of pulling the wool over our eyes. It is a very dangerous precedent to set, and we should not pass it.” No on Issue 1, letter to the editor by Karen Deemer of Edgerton in the Bryan Times,  July 20, 2023


“To be clear, Issue 1 is about changing the Ohio Constitution, not protecting it. And the change chips away at the rights and liberties of EVERY citizen in Ohio. A no vote on Issue 1 guards, maintains, keeps safe, protects, and saves the Ohio Constitution.” Proponents of Issue 1 are preaching a misleading message when they say ‘save’ the constitution, letter to the editor by Joseph Murphy of Chagrin Falls in the Plain Dealer/, July 20, 2023


“It’s disingenuous of Issue 1 supporters to say the proposed amendment’s purpose is to protect Ohio’s constitution from deep-pocketed, outside special interests. The purpose of Issue 1 and an August special election is to thwart the will of Ohio citizens.” Vote NO on Issue 1, letter to the editor by Deb Hogshead of Troy in the Miami Valley Today, July 20, 2023


“On July 4, 1776, our founders outlined the principles that make our country the world’s greatest beacon of democracy. Join me in voting no on Aug. 8 to uphold those principles and our government of, for, and by the people.” The spirit of 1776 is at risk, Op-ed by Connie Pillich in the Cincinnati Enquirer, July 20, 2023


“With special interests and lobbyists influencing lawmakers at every turn, citizens need to maintain power to push new ideas and hold politicians accountable. Issue 1 would kill any hope of improving the fairness of Ohio’s political districts. We already know politicians can’t be trusted to craft their own districts. They ignored voters and unfavorable court rulings last year.”8 reasons for why Issue 1 is wrong for all Ohioans, even conservatives, Akron Beacon Journal editorial, July 19, 2023 


“So, my conclusion is that the 60% issue is not ready for prime time. While some may see short term political advantage in its adoption, the long-term implications for the health of Ohio is at best uncertain, and this uncertainty cautions strongly against any precipitous change in a policy that has remained in effect for 111 years.” Author of book on Ohio Constitution warns against Issue 1 changing 111 years of Ohio voter power, op-ed by Steven H. Steinglass in the Ohio Capital Journal, July 19, 2023


“Ohioans have one effective weapon against this power and greed — the citizen-driven ballot initiative to change the constitution with a simple majority of voter approval.  The politicians in Columbus now want to take this weapon away from Ohioans by passing Issue 1 on the August 8 ballot.” Issue 1: It is already hard enough to amendment Ohio’s constitution, column by Mayda Sanchez Shingler, Executive Director of the Ohio Sustainable Business Council and a leader of the Ohio Business for Democracy Collaborative, in the Columbus Dispatch, July 19, 2023


“I urge every Wood County resident to stand together against needless expensive elections, and send a message to the out-of-state billionaires and out of touch politicians that your voice matters by voting NO on or before August 8th to preserve our one person one vote system in Ohio.” Issue 1 campaign jeopardizes the democratic process & recklessly spends state resources, letter to the editor by Zach Schmidt of Rossford  in the Bowling Green Independent News, July 18, 2023


“Let’s be real. The move to protect reproductive rights is simply the catalyst causing our legislators to fear losing their often unilateral power.  They’ve managed to largely protect their own power by gerrymandering the state, but citizen-based amendments to the constitution represent a threat that there is no easy way to quell, short of changing both the rules that have been well-established for years, and the rules they set themselves less than a year ago.” Fear and Power: What really drives Issue 1 on Aug. 8 in Ohio, op-ed in the Capital Journal, July 17, 2023


“All one has to do is consider the weight of the many substantive arguments against Issue 1 side-by-side with the hollow, false rhetoric of those pushing it. There simply is no objective case to be made to eliminate a fundamental, hard-won right Ohioans have had, and used judiciously, since 1912 to use the citizen initiative to fight back against Statehouse corruption and special-interest influence, and check those putting political party over the people.” Aug. 8 math works in favor of motivated anti-Issue 1 voters to amplify their voice. Vote now, and make a difference, Plain Dealer/ editorial, July 16, 2023


“Voting ‘no’ on Issue 1 is a vote to uphold the public interest. Voting ‘yes’ is a vote for special interests — and the chokehold they have on the Ohio Statehouse.” A “no” vote will send message to out-of-control Ohio lawmakers, column by Tom Suddes in the Columbus Dispatch, July 16, 2023 


“My position has been clear. I think holding an August election when so few people vote is an underhanded way to take power from the people. Go vote so we can have an election that’s more representative than lawmakers want it to be.” Aug. 8 vote isn’t about saving the Ohio Constitution, column by Ray Marcano in the Dayton Daily News, July 16, 2023 


“The rhetoric about the special election ballot Issue 1 is beginning to heat up, and the lines are beginning to be drawn upon political affiliation and ideals. However, I see this as not political, but a brazen attack on the ability of the people of Ohio to: 1) get an amendment measure on the ballot, and 2) to actually get it passed.” Vote ‘No’ on Issue 1, letter to the editor by Thomas Heiserman of Fremont in the Fremont News-Messenger, July 16, 2023


“Issue 1 asks voters to reduce our ability and to make it more difficult to engage with government; by increasing petitioning requirements and by increasing vote threshold for passage. Proponents seek to tamp down citizen initiatives by capitalizing on a single divisive issue that masks broader, long-term effect. This is a tug of war over power, citizen empowerment versus government overreach.” Issue 1 would take power from citizens, letter to the editor by Pat Simons of Hudson in the Akron Beacon Journal, July 16, 2023 


“A special election is scheduled for Aug. 8, and is for a constitutional change proposed as Issue 1. Funny thing is, it was just last year, these same politicians voted to end August special elections because they were ‘undemocratic’ and ‘too expensive.’” Vote no on Issue 1,  letter to the editor by Chris Tunney of Louisville in the Canton Repository, July 16, 2023 


“The justification for this higher standard is ostensibly to prevent special interests from interfering with Ohio’s Constitution. I argue that the exact opposite is true. The added requirements would encourage even more special interest money poured into the state to meet the more stringent signature requirements.” Issue 1 draws out-of-staters and their cash, letter to the editor from Sharlyn Katzner from Bowling Green in the Toledo Blade, July 16, 2023 


“I remember sitting in Ohio government class in junior high. We learned about the Great Seal and the funny shape of Ohio’s flag. We also learned about a special ability that Ohioans could be proud of. For over 100 years, the people of Ohio have had the Constitutional right to put statewide questions on the ballot for all of us to decide.” Vote no on Issue 1 and minority rule, letter to the editor by Douglas Carey of Plain Township in the Fremont News-Messenger, July 16, 2023


“Congratulations to the General Assembly and to Gov. DeWine for their approval of a special election in August. They have indubitably destroyed the myth that they are devoted to the welfare of the citizenry.” Issue 1 is undemocratic, letter to the editor by T. Carl Sosnowski of North Canton in the Canton Repository, July 16, 2023 


“Since 1912, only 71 proposed amendments to the Ohio Constitution have made it onto the general election ballot. Of those 71, a mere 19 have passed. It’s hard to get an issue on the ballot and pass it. Ohio legislators are trying to make it much harder. Why? They fear the voices of Ohioans that support women’s rights to reproductive health.”  Don’t allow Issue 1 to pass, letter to the editor by Elizabeth Sims of Geneva in the Star Beacon, July 15, 2023 


“The power to shape our state’s laws and constitution should not be restricted to a select few. But requiring a supermajority of 60% of voters to approve constitutional amendments, as Issue 1 proposes, limits the power of ordinary citizens trying to voice their concerns and seek changes.” Vote no on Issue 1, letter to the editor by Steve Ackerman, USW Local 169 president of  Mansfield in the Mansfield News Journal, July 15, 2023 


“Issue 1 is a power grab by the GOP, much like Larry Householder’s House Bill 6, without the opportunity of challenge. Vote no on Issue 1 on Aug. 8.” Issue 1 is an Ohio GOP ‘power grab’, letter to the editor by Stanley Wrzyszczynski of Granville in the Newark Advocate, July 15, 2023 


“These corrupt politicians want us to believe they’re protecting the Ohio Constitution from special interests and want us to give away the only real power we have left. But Ohioans will not be fooled. On August 8, we will defeat Issue 1 and send a clear message that this brazen power grab is a bridge too far.” Ohioans expect honesty from elected officials and should send that message by defeating Issue, letter to the editor by Sherry McMillen of Cuyahoga Falls in the Plain Dealer/, July 14, 2023


“Too many voters don’t even know there’s an Aug. 8 election. That’s why these power-hungry politicians scheduled an election in August. They wanted to minimize voter turnout. That’s why Republican legislators spent $20 million to hold an election with one single issue. What a waste of your tax dollars. Who would want to keep the majority of Ohioans from having a vote and a voice in changing the Ohio Constitution? Corrupt politicians who want more power and more money from special interest groups.” Confused about Issue 1?  Column by Regina Butler in the Cleveland Jewish News, July 14, 2023


“Time and again, Ohioans have shown they take their voting responsibility seriously. Supporters of Issue 1 may not trust the voters, but I do. When the majority of Ohioans speak, politicians should listen. We need to entrust voters, not limit their voice and their power. If we want a government that respects the will of the people, Issue 1 must be rejected on August 8.” Issue 1 is effort to crush abortion, worker, LGBTQ and voting rights at once, op-ed by Zach Klein in the Columbus Dispatch, July 14, 2023


“If you are a Republican you may like the current array of state office holders; all Republican, all  the time at all levels in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.  What comfort if you dislike checks and balances, but checks and balances make for a stronger Ohio.” Encouraging a no vote on Issue 1, letter to the editor in the Lancaster Gazette, July 14, 2023


“Voting “yes” on this proposed amendment to the constitution means making it impossible for citizens to pass an amendment to it. And, that essentially ends our democracy, which was the goal when deciding to use an August election to amend the Ohio Constitution.” There’s hypocrisy, irony and an out-of-state billionaire behind Issue 1, letter to the editor by Janyce C. Katz in the Columbus Dispatch, July 14, 2023


“Ohio voters who want to retain their power have recent history on their side. In 2022, voters in two other red states, South Dakota and Arkansas, rejected measures just like Issue 1.”  Majority rule is on the ballot in Ohio, column by Dennis Aftergut in The New Brunswick News, July 13, 2023


“The 60% threshold vote is nakedly political, but it would also shape Ohio’s economy for years to come. There are a range of opinions someone could reasonably have about these policies that were passed by a majority vote but not 60% of voters. Anyone would have to admit, though, that this change would be substantial.” What would Ohio look like under Issue One? column by Rob Moore in the Ohio Capital Journal, July 13, 2023 


“Since 1912, Ohioans have had a constitutional right to pass constitutional amendments. Issue 1 on the August 8th ballot would make this almost impossible to achieve.” Don’t sit this one out Aug. 8 election, letter to the editor by Jenny Fiscer in the Dayton Daily News, July 12, 2023


“The Supreme Court returned decision-making on abortion rights to the states. But that doesn’t mean making it inordinately hard for voters to protect the rights they value. Ohio voters need to make sure their legislators get that message on Aug. 8.” Ohio lawmakers want to subvert democracy to stop voters from protecting abortion access. Shame on them, Los Angeles Times editorial, July 12, 2023


“Ohioans have had the right to amend the constitution by majority vote since 1912. However you do it, vote ‘No’ to protect Ohioans’ inherent right of self-government.” Don’t Let Them Win, Toledo Blade editorial, July 11, 2023 


“No one has trust issues with the state constitution that need to be restored. Liberty and freedoms are precisely in danger of being taken away by those who infer that a ‘mere’ majority decision of voters doesn’t ‘give every Ohioan a voice.’  It gives voice to a preponderance of those who vote, which is how elections have been called forever.” Ohio Issue 1 isn’t about any one issue — It’s about every issue and the power Ohio voters have, Ohio Capital Journal, July 11, 2023


“This election is special in ways that go beyond the date ballots will be counted. It speaks to Ohio’s heart and whether or not undemocratic forces will be successful in corrupting it with very big lies.”  ‘Power-hungry hypocrites’ trying to con Ohio. Issue 1 about dominance, deceit,  Columbus Dispatch editorial, July 10, 2023


“If Issue 1 passes, special interest groups will be the only ones able to tackle the Herculean task of obtaining required signatures in all Ohio counties. Moreover, Issue 1 may have unintended consequences. For instance, it will be more difficult for Ohio to sell bonds when the state needs to exceed the $750,000 debt limit in the constitution.” No’ vote is rational vote on Issue 1, letter to the editor by A.J. Calderone of Bristol in the Tribune Chronicle, July 9, 2023


“Fighting back starts in Ohio. Vote no on Issue 1 and tell lawmakers who support this sham we will not stand for it.”  On Aug. 8, Ohio will be the epicenter of efforts to dismantle your rights, column by Ray Marcano, Dayton Daily News, July 9, 2023


“Ohio has a proud political heritage, which voters must protect and uphold on Aug. 8 by soundly defeating State Issue 1. The crown jewel of Ohio’s 220-year experiment in democracy is the constitutional initiative – the power of average citizens to propose and pass amendments to our state’s 1851 constitution.” Issue 1 aims at the heart of Ohioans’ citizen initiative powers. Here’s how we won them, op-ed by Mike Curtin in the Plain Dealer/, July 9, 2023


“The Statehouse’s business-as-usual crowd loves Issue 1 — which is why voters shouldn’t.” Has anything changed since scandal rocked Ohio Statehouse? Early voting starts Tuesday, column by ‘Thomas Suddes in the Columbus Dispatch, July 9, 2023 


“Although we may approve or disapprove of certain ballot proposals, what’s most critical is preserving the right for the majority — not a minority of Ohioans — to decide popular reforms to the Ohio Constitution.” Ohioans are judicious about ballot initiatives, and Issue 1 is bad for democracy in the Newark Advocate, July 8, 2023


“If you value democracy, please, don’t ignore next month’s election. Issue 1 is on the ballot & if it passes by a simple majority vote, it will make it almost impossible for citizens to amend the state constitution.” Letters to the Editor,  by James Carr of Huber Heights in the Dayton Daily News, July 8, 2023


“…one tiny county could prevent the voters in the other 87 counties from ever being able to vote on an issue. This amounts to voter nullification and a direct assault on direct democracy, a feature of our great state for 111 years. Vote ‘no’ on Issue 1 and keep democracy strong!” Issue 1 would amount to voter nullification and an assault on direct democracy rights, letter to the editor by William K. Weisenberg of Highland Heights in the Plain Dealer/, July 7, 2023 


“Voting no on Issue 1 stops a decades-long power grab by the reigning political party. I trust that the actual majority of voters registered as Independent have finally realized that actions like this dark money stunt are counterintuitive to a normal democratic outcome of 50 percent plus one to win a ballot issue.” August Issue 1: Stop the long power grab, letter to the editor by Robert Huenke of Elida in the Lima News, July 7, 2023


“Issue 1 is a solution in search of a problem cooked up by Statehouse insiders to defang the citizen initiative powers Ohioans have had for 111 years to check a corrupt legislature. It also would extend to proposed constitutional amendment ballot issues the same curse extreme gerrymandering imposes in the legislature: rule by a political minority.” Issue I doesn’t align Ohio with other states’ constitutional-amendment powers. It puts Ohio in a difficulty category all its own, Plain Dealer/ editorial, July 7, 2023


“We encourage you to Vote “no” on Issue 1 in the Aug. 8 special election. Vote “no” & demonstrate the true power of the people in a self-determining democratic process.” Issue 1 does not deserve your vote, letter to the editor by Linda Kanney, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc, Central Ohio Chapter in the Columbus Dispatch, July 7, 2023


A rare opportunity to show up for democracy – vote early, in-person, en masse to defeat Issue 1, letter to the editor by Carla Rautenberg of Cleveland Heights in the Plain Dealer/, July 5, 2023


“Politicians, out-of-state billionaires, and special interests are not coy about the undemocratic and unfair strategies utilized. Through attempting to raise the approval threshold to 60%, lawmakers are demonstrating their clear desire to hold onto power, even at the expense of everyday Ohioans.”    ‘Extremists are feeling empowered.” Ohioans must stop Issue 1, op-ed by Dr. Ebony Speakes-Hall in the Columbus Dispatch, July 6, 2023


“For 40-plus years, I’ve been privileged to work closely with seven Ohio governors and hundreds of corporate CEOs in a bipartisan manner, affirming the inextricable link between business competitiveness, economic growth, social justice and the strength of our democracy. I join my distinguished colleagues in condemning Issue 1 and call on all Ohioans to protect their rights, freedom and voice by voting ‘no’ on August 8.”  Business leader: An end to majority rule in Ohio? Issue 1 an unprecedented affront to democracy, op-ed by Richard A. Stoff in the Columbus Dispatch, July 6, 2023


“Don’t let gerrymandered, power-hungry, corrupt and lying politicians take our rights away. Issue 1 is unfair, unnecessary, unpopular and undemocratic. Please join me in voting no on Issue 1.” Vote No in August, letter to the editor by Daniel J. Fonte of Canton in the Canton Repository, July 5,  2023 


“What happens if Issue 1 passes?  Here is what it boils down to. Issue 1 takes power away from Ohio’s citizens and makes career politicians even stronger. If you don’t want that to happen, show up and vote no.” August Issue 1: Taking power from citizens, letter to the editor by James Carr of Celina in the Lima News, July 4, 2023


“I am encouraging everyone to vote “no” on State Issue 1. This resolution does not belong in Ohio’s constitution and does not serve our democracy.” Thoughts on upcoming special election, letter to the editor by Rick Fryman of Cardington in the Morrow County Sentinel, July  5, 2023


“Ask yourself why was this proposed amendment rushed to the ballot? Why is an issue that is so important to our democracy being voted on in a special election that has low turnout? Who is this amendment really benefiting? It’s not the people of Ohio.”  Raising threshold to pass state constitution amendments does not benefit citizens, letter to the editor by Sharlyn Katzner of Bowling Green in the Bowling Green Independent, July 3, 2023 


“Don’t let Ohio’s legislators consolidate their power at the expense of our cherished “one man, one vote” tradition. Show up at the polls on August 8, and just say no to Issue 1.” Just say no to Issue 1, letter to the editor by Sam Barone of Mount Vernon in the Knox Pages, July 2, 2023


“There’s an array of bogus arguments the pro-60% Issue 1 crowd makes, except the key idea that’s really behind it: The legislature doesn’t exist to do the people’s will — the people exist to do the legislature’s.” Ohio legislature’s GOP isn’t working for the people, it’s working for itself, column by Tom Suddes in the Plain Dealer/, July 2, 2023


“The goal of both Issue 1 and of closed primaries: to muzzle voters and help insulate Statehouse bosses from being checked by the voters in their ability to dictate gun laws, women’s reproductive rights or gerrymandered voting districts.” Ohio Republicans piling on in seeking closed primaries on top of Issue 1 affront, Plain Dealer/ editorial, July 2, 2023


“Let’s agree with LaRose. His and the GOP’s attempt to ‘end run” a full consideration of abortion rights by flip-flopping on August special elections ‘is bad news’ for our state. Either support abortion rights, or oppose, it should not matter. What matters is that a legitimate majority of Ohioans should decide the issue.” Don’t reward GOP hypocrisy on August special elections. Vote no’ Aug. 8.letter to the editor by Michael Reidy of Middleburg Hts in the Plain Dealer/, July 2, 2023


“It is an unbridled power play to take away your rights and secure their power for generations to come.” Citizens urged to vote ‘no’ on Issue 1 on the Aug. 8 ballot, letter to the editor by Lee and Milton Hakel of Bowling Green in the Bowling Green Independent, July 1, 2023


“It is critical that every voter in Ohio vote no on Issue 1. We are unwilling to lose a right for citizen initiative that has been part of the Ohio Constitution for over a century, since 1912.” Voters are paying attention and will vote no on Issue 1, Letter to the editor by David J. Neuendorff of Bowling Green in the Sentinel-Tribune, July 1, 2023


“August Issue 1 is pure politics. Please, don’t get confused or fooled. Vote no in August; preventing changes to Ohio citizens’ constitutional rights.” August Issue 1: politically driven, ethically challenging, letter to the editor by Brian Cheney of Lima in the LIma News, June 30, 2023


“The Ohio legislature is trying to trick us into voting to restrict our rights. Let’s all get out there on August 8, vote NO on Issue 1, and retain the control that We The People have over our government here in Ohio.” We must say NO to Issue 1 in the August 8 election, letter to the editor by Adam Gilson of Mount Vernon in Knox Pages, June 28, 2023


“Misleading and biased ballot language tries to hide State Issue 1′s true purpose seeking to stifle citizens’ ability to counter a corrupt General Assembly.” Householder: Broken Government – racketeering sentencings underscore why Issue 1 to stifle citizens’ anti-corruption powers has to fail, Plain Dealer/ editorial, June 28, 2023


“I trust Ohioans to make decisions about our future together, through direct democracy. Ohio politicians do not. The August 8 special election and Issue 1 are shameless attempts to dilute the power of the people by making it almost impossible to pass ballot initiatives.” Ohio Issue 1 puts hatchet in ‘sacred principle of one person, one vote’, letter to the editor by Jelena Majstorovic, Columbus in the Dispatch by June 26, 2023 


“The claim by Ohio Republicans that they are protecting the state from undue influence by special interests is absurd, given their response to the federal racketeering convictions for a $1.3 billion bailout of FirstEnergy.”  Issue 1 Protects GOP, Toledo Blade editorial, June 26, 2023


“The Ohio Senate and Ohio’s House of Representatives, both GOP-controlled, want to make it harder for Ohio’s constitutional sovereigns — the state’s voters — to amend the Ohio Constitution. And here you thought legislators worked for you rather than tried to make you work for them.” As Republicans push Issue 1 power grab, they’re squabbling internally over the budget, editorial by Tom Suddes in the Plain Dealer/, June 25, 2023


“Voting No on Issue 1 protects our freedoms and majority rule. Former Governors Kasich, Taft, Strickland, and Celeste all think that Issue 1 is a bad idea that would hurt our state. Vote no on August 8.” Ohio Issue 1, letter to the editor by Mel Woods of Rayland in The Times-Leader, June 24, 2023


“Vote against Issue 1: It would thwart our right to govern ourselves. A vote against Issue 1 lends strength to our voices when we aren’t being heard by those delegated to act on our behalf.” Issue 1 Meant to Kill the People’s Check on Power, letter to the editor by Theresa Lane of South Toledo in the Toledo Blade, June 22, 2023


“Issue 1 would allow a minority of Ohioans to impose their will on a majority of Ohio voters. Opposition to Issue 1 should transcend party affiliation & individual views on specific ballot issues. Vote NO on August 8.” Issue 1 tears dangerously at the fabric of our system of government, letter to the editor by Rebecca B. Gabriel of Shaker Heights in the Plain Dealer/, June 22, 2023


“If Ohio voters back Issue 1, they will have allowed a minority to dictate to the majority. I do not believe Ohio voters are that dumb.”  If Ohio voters back Issue 1, they will have allowed a minority to dictate to the majority,  letter to the editor by Vic Presutti of Dayton in the Plain Dealer/, June 22, 2023


“Don’t be fooled by the gerrymandered Ohio General Assembly. Hang onto that last thread of power you hold to control runaway government that doesn’t listen to you or me. Join me in voting NO on Issue 1 on Aug. 8.”  Issue 1 meant to kill the people’s check on power, letter to the editor by Nancy Gurney of Lakeside in the Toledo Blade,  June 22, 2023


“Issue 1 may not sound terrible – but it is. They are trying to slip this through in August, hoping for low turnout. Get your absentee/mail in ballot now & vote no. Early voting starts July 11th.” Two red flags show why Ohio should reject Issue 1, letter to the editor by Robin Kocher of  Brunswick in the Plain Dealer/, June 21, 2023


“Protecting our state constitution is just a clever slogan for the theft of our democracy.” Do the math, and you’ll vote against Ohio Issue 1, letter to the editor by Vince Sigman of Malta, June 21, 2023


“What’s really going is a bid by the legislature to cripple a power that the voters of Ohio have enjoyed for more than 100 years by raising, not elevating, the signature requirements.” Looney Tunes lawmakers out to trick Ohio voters with ‘weasel word’, column by Tom Suddes in the Columbus Dispatch, June 20, 2023 


“Issue 1 was created cynically to take advantage of a tiny August electorate and then change more than a century-old tradition of deciding amendments by a simple majority vote. It’s a pure power grab.”  Business is all over the map on Issue 1, Crain’s Cleveland Business, June 19, 2023 


“It’s a sad day when efforts to protect citizen-initiated amendments are labeled ‘far-left,’ implying that protecting government of, by, and for the people is now considered extremist. Vote no on Aug. 8.” Don’t give away your rights, letter to the editor by Linda E. Bunyan of Akron in the Akron Beacon Journal, June 18, 2023 


“Very simply, Issue 1 is about taking power away from you. Don’t disarm yourselves of the ‘greatest tools democracy ever had.’ Vote ‘No’ on Issue 1.” Ohioans, don’t strip yourselves of your own power, Dayton Daily News editorial, June 18, 2023 


“Vote no on this anti-democracy ballot issue. Join with two former Republican governors, two former Democratic governors and a host of other democracy-loving Ohioans to end this madness.”  Keeping the faith: Ballot initiatives and walking the tightrope of politics and religion, special by Rev. Tim Ahern in the Columbus Dispatch, June 18, 2023


“Our rights as citizens about how we the people govern are on the line on Aug. 8.” Protect majority rule on Aug. 8, letter to the editor by Kathy Antinone of Steubenville in the Herald-Star, June 17, 2023


“Issue 1 and its misleading ballot language are just the latest bid to impair Ohioans’ voting rights. It’s up to voters to come prepared to stand up for their constitutional rights by voting to preserve them.” Issue 1 and its misleading ballot language are just the latest bid to impair Ohioans’ voting rights, Plain Dealer/ editorial, June 16, 2023


“Republicans and special-interest groups aligned with them might view limiting the power of the people as a good thing, but Ohio voters shouldn’t be fooled.” Issue 1 ballot language remains unclear, Chronicle-Telegram editorial, June 15, 2023


“After calling a special August election with the most crucial constitutional question in Ohio for more than a century, just months after passing legislation prohibiting August elections, it is obvious that state Republicans are scheming for advantage.” Vote ‘no’ on State Issue 1, op-ed by Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb in the Plain Dealer/, June 14, 2023


“The Blade has concluded the best thing that could happen to the Ohio Republican super-majority is strong repudiation of their power grab through defeat in an election they contrived for every possible advantage.” Issue 1 Ballot Fix, Toledo Blade editorial, June 14, 2023

“As a very concerned 89-year-old citizen of my city and state, I am writing to encourage all registered Ohio voters to:

  1. Be sure to vote on Aug. 8.
  1. Vote a resounding “no” to State Issue 1.” 

State Issue 1 would take power from the majority and give it to a minority of Ohio voters. That’s wrong,  letter to the editor in the Plain Dealer/, June 2023


“Ohioans faced that very question 111 years ago. They answered it by guaranteeing voters’ right to propose and approve amendments to the OH Constitution by petition, without going first on bended knees to the General Assembly.” Public, ‘special’ or self-serving: Aug. 8 vote is about what interests get served,  column by Tom Suddess  in the Plain Dealer/, June 11, 2023 


“Bottom line: It is vital that we close ranks on Aug. 8 and vote “no” on State Issue 1 by mail or in person. We cannot afford to miss what may be our last chance to preserve our historic right to protect our state’s future growth, quality of life, natural rights and resources with a simple constitutional majority of 50.1 percent.” State Issue 1 would have killed more than $24 billion for Ohio highways, economy, tax relief, column by Brad German in the Plain Dealer/, Jun 11, 2023 


“No matter how you feel about abortion — an uncomfortable subject for many —this change would limit Ohio’s voters on all matters, not just abortion.” Vote no in August to preserve our democracy op-ed by Jack Burgess in the Chillicothe Gazette, June 11, 2023  


“A fair outcome isn’t the goal. A jury-rigged, tainted and unjust process to get the desired outcome is the goal.” Error in Issue 1 ballot language cannot be waved off as immaterial, editorial in the Plain Dealer/, June 9, 2023


“By enshrining 41% minority rule, eliminating the signature gathering grace period, and mandating the near-impossible task of gathering thousands of signatures from every single Ohio county, State Issue 1 would guarantee that the only people who have influence on Ohio government are the most wealthy special interests and the corrupt Ohio politicians who keep selling out Ohioans, our state, and our future for pennies on the dollar.” Change to 88 counties under State Issue 1 would effectively kill Ohio grassroots amendment proposals, column by David Dewitt in the Ohio Capital Journal, June 8, 2023


“State Issue 1 will be on the Aug. 8, 2023, ballot because Republicans in the General Assembly want to ‘stack the deck’ against a proposed constitutional amendment enshrining the right to an abortion that might be on your November 2023 ballot.” Issue 1 seeks to change rules mid-game to deny Ohio majority their voice in November, column by Eric Foster in the Plain Dealer/, June 7, 2023


“The Ohio Secretary of State and the Ohio Senate president are busy trying to convince voters to go to the polls on August 8, in the dog days of summer, to pass an undemocratic and dodgy constitutional amendment to require that future ballot initiatives pass by 60% instead of 50% plus one, the standard in Ohio since 1912. 

“In other words, they want Ohio voters to disenfranchise themselves.

“Until recently, the line towed was that this legislation is to save our constitution from out-of-state special interests.

“Never mind that it’s financed by an out-of-state billionaire.

“So, to that end, they and other Ohio Republicans have formed a campaign committee called Save Our Constitution.

“A more accurate name might be Save Our Constitution from Ideas We Don’t Like.” Commentary: Finally, Frank LaRose confirms what we 100% already knew. Howard Wilkinson, 91.7 WVXU, June 7, 2023  


“Power-hungry interests know that an August election typically has very low turnout. Prove them wrong. Show up and vote to defeat this special interest initiative.”  GOP tries to weaken the voice of voters , op-ed by Lynn Hailey, Oakley, June 5, 2023


“Let’s soundly reject and defeat Issue 1. Don’t let corrupt legislators steal our collective power as citizens. Our lives, as well as our rights, depend on it.” Pay attention: LGBTQ+ marriage rights are entwined with Ohio’s dastardly special election on August 8, op-ed by J. Bennett Guess in the Buckeye Flame, June 5, 2023 


“The Aug. 8 amendment has nothing to do with ‘protecting’ Ohio’s constitution, and everything to do with protecting the status quo. The last thing the General Assembly wants is empowered Ohio voters.” Who’s in charge here? In Issue 1, legislators trying to keep Ohioans out of their way, column by Tom Suddes, Plain Dealer/, June 4, 2023


“Ohio voters who oppose this travesty should do everything they can to counter the deceit and manipulation by exercising their constitutional right as citizens to vote.” The Statehouse con on selling Issue 1 in the Aug. 8 election, exposed, Plain Dealer/ editorial, June 4, 2023


“Why all the fuss on this issue? Because Ohio stands at the abyss. If Issue 1 passes, Ohio voters will lose control of their government. That is not an overstatement.” Amid crushing voter anxiety about the anti-democratic Issue 1, here’s what we’re doing to spread the word, letter from editor Chris Quinn, June 3, 2023


“On Aug. 8, will our democracy really be strengthened by recklessly changing our constitution to weaken the voice of the people?” ‘Powers that be’ killing our democracy in the name of ‘patriotism’, letter to the editor by Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld in the Columbus Dispatch, June 3, 2023


“They fear you, Ohio voters. You have more control over them than you think. But only if you use it.”   Commentary: I know I’ve sounded like a cranky old man here lately. Here’s why, Howard Wilkinson, 91.7 WVXU, June 1, 2023


“In short, the sacred principle of one person, one vote and majority rule matter a lot to working people, and we will win this fight to preserve it.” Majority rule matters to working people and we will preserve it, op-ed by Tim Burga in the Paulding Progress, May 31, 2023


“Ohio lawmakers should be working to amplify voters’ voices. Instead, they want to silence them.”  A ‘yes’ vote on Issue 1 would drive dagger in Ohio’s ‘heart’, Dispatch editorial, May 30, 2023


“They do not want citizens leading a grassroots revolt against their unpopular policy with proposed amendments to the constitution that are widely supported by voters.” Ohio State Issue 1 is a sucker punch to the face of majority voter rule and democracy., column by Marilou Johanek in the Ohio Capital Journal, May 30, 2023


“Turns out our ‘conservative’ Statehouse Republicans, who have run the General Assembly for almost 30 years, have a zest for power and aren’t about to return even a smidgen of it to Ohio voters.” Ohio lawmakers are not conservatives. They are power monger at war with America, column by Tom Suddes in the Columbus Dispatch, May 28, 2023 


“Someday there will be an issue you do care about, and you will regret giving up your voice as a citizen of this state.” Time for “We the People” to Put Our Legislators in Their Place, op-ed by Kurt T. Taube of Dublin in the Columbus Underground, May 25, 2023


The whole reason this is on the ballot is because outside money put it there and Mike DeWine is saying, I wanna stop outside money from influencing the constitution. That’s exactly what this is.” Strong opinions: A discussion on the fallacies of Mike DeWine’s justification for supporting the evisceration of majority rule in Ohio, a statement by Chris Quinn, editor of the Plain Dealer &, May 25, 2023


Ohio’s GOP is afraid they would lose control in fair elections, so they take the low road and even hypocritically plan an August election to strengthen their grip.” letter to the editor in the Columbus Dispatch by Michael McGrew, Bexley, May 23, 2023


“But our leading Statehouse politicians are not being honest with us. Their whole game plan is to amass more power, by taking it from us.” Michael Curtin: Lawmaker’s excuse to emasculate a 111-year-old right the most gaseous, op-ed by Mike Curtin in the Columbus Dispatch, May 22, 2023


“That is a shame­less de­cep­tion from pol­i­ti­cians who too of­ten be­come pup­pets for the spe­cial in­ter­ests who fund their cam­paigns.” OR “Ohio­ans should be­gin plan­ning to de­feat this un­wise con­sti­tu­tional amend­ment by turn­ing out in large num­bers to vote. We say, bring it on.” Bring It On, Toledo Blade editorial, May 21, 2023


“We doubt proponents of fair districts will be willing to negotiate with lawmakers the next time. So, a yes vote in August would likely preserve gerrymandering.” Ohio amendment: Why would citizens cede more power to their state government?, Akron Beacon Journal editorial, May 21, 2023 


“…this August election carries more importance than any summer ballot initiative in recent memory. It isn’t hyperbole to say this election determines whether Ohioans will be governed by majority or minority rule.”  School threats, Statehouse protests and more, column by Ray Marcano in the Dayton Daily News, May 21, 2023


“On Aug. 8, 2023, Ohio Republicans are gambling to gut direct democracy rights in the state. The same politicians who purged August elections because ‘holding the vote then is a way of gaming the system’ to ‘get something passed with a low turnout’ are doing exactly what they decried. They’re gaming the system to slide a profound power grab past a disengaged electorate.” Save the date: Ohio’s Aug. 8 election puts nearly 175 years of majority voter authority on the line, op-ed by Marilou Johanek in the Ohio Capitol Journal, May 16, 2023