Ohio House Passes SJR2 in Historic, Anti-Democracy Vote

Vote No August 8!

Yesterday was a dark day for Ohio. Our state representatives voted 62-37 to turn their backs on 111 years of history in an effort to change our constitutional right to bring citizen-led initiatives to the ballot. Our pro-democracy coalition kept them at bay for six months, but after trampling on the people, ignoring established law and Ohio House precedent, they passed Senate Joint Resolution 2 (SJR2) with an August 8 election clause. If it were approved by Ohio voters, this amendment would make signature gathering requirements almost impossible while raising the passage rate to 60% (from a simple majority). It’s an enormous power grab! These legislators placed these dramatic changes to the Ohio Constitution on what they hope will be a low turnout election in August.

The vote was 62-37, with five Republicans voting with Democrats against the plan: Reps. Jamie Callender, Jay Edwards, Brett Hillyer, Jeffrey LaRe and Tom Patton. (A thank you note to legislators who voted to protect one person, one vote, would be much appreciated; click on their name for their contact information.)

Yesterday was also inspirational! We turned out in the hundreds, again, to be the light and the witness to this direct attack on our democracy. Supporters stood in line in the packed Rotunda for almost three hours waiting to file into the gallery. See more photos here.

Many of us were denied access to the House Chamber and instead joined our voices to permeate their debate. Our own associate director, Mia Lewis, once again galvanized the hundreds of Ohioans to tell lawmakers that this is “Our House” and we will “Vote No in August.” 

Today is a new day and we know what we have to do. We need to mobilize and turn out in an unprecedented way on August 8 to show lawmakers how out of touch they are and how their actions violate the will of the people they serve! Show your support by changing your Facebook cover photo to say “Vote No on August 8th.” Download the image HERE

We are so grateful to every one of you who came out, made calls, wrote to the papers and made a donation. As we move into summer, we need to keep the momentum going. Common Cause Ohio will be working with other voting advocates to register, educate and mobilize voters to say Vote No in August

We need your help – please donate to support our work and help us preserve democracy in our state. 

There was extensive press coverage of the event. See some of the articles below:


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