Slight Delay for the Citizens Not Politicians Campaign

The Citizens Not Politicians coalition sent a letter to Attorney General Yost yesterday indicating a typographical error was found in the approved summary. The typo changed the date from Sept 19, 2025 to Sept 15, 2025 for the Commission to complete new maps.

Even though this error does not create a substantive difference between the amendment and the summary, in an abundance of caution, the campaign has decided that the safest and most thorough course of action is to resubmit the summary language to the Attorney General for approval and then pass through the Ballot Board once again for certification as a single subject.

“This minor setback will slightly delay the start of signature gathering but changes nothing about the substance of the amendment, our resolve to end gerrymandering in Ohio, or our ability to get it done,” said Chris Davey, spokesperson for the nonpartisan coalition.

The mistake needed to be corrected now before it has the possibility of being a problem further down the road. It’s awful to be tripped up by a typo, but we are glad that the issue was identified before we had collected hundreds of thousands of signatures. 

Common Cause Ohio will be critical to this effort to ban gerrymandering, and we are proceeding with our petition circulation trainings. Register for one today:

  • Wed., Nov 1 @ noon, register here.
  • Thurs., Nov 2 @ 7pm, register here.
  • Wed., Nov 8 @ 6pm Huddle , register here.
  • Tues., Nov 14 @ noon, register here.
  • Tues., Nov 21 @ noon, register here.
  • Thurs., Nov 30 @ 6pm, register here.

Please also be sure to sign up to volunteer to get involved in Fair Districts HERE