2023 Ohio Voter Resources

Our elections landscape changed dramatically here in Ohio after Governor DeWine signed House Bill 458’s strict photo ID (and other restrictive provisions) into law earlier this year.

Common Cause Ohio is committed to fighting for every Ohioan’s right to vote through fair and accessible elections. That’s why we opposed House Bill 458—but now that it is the law, we want to be sure you, your family and your neighbors have all the information you need to successfully cast a ballot!

Important Tips and Resources for Voting in Ohio

1. Check with your local Board of Elections to see if you need to vote in May’s Primary. Not every community has an election or issue on the ballot!

2. Decide how you want to vote:

Option 1: Vote in-person during Early Vote or on Election Day with acceptable, unexpired Photo ID*. This is a new requirement. Valid photo ID includes: Ohio Driver’s License (including temporary, suspended or restricted), Ohio ID Card, US Military ID, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs ID card, Ohio issued National Guard ID, or US Passport.

Option 2: Vote by mail (photo ID not required). You need to request your ballot before April 25 by completing the form, printing, and mailing the application. Carefully follow all the directions. Then return as soon as possible and track your ballot.

3. Voting Early in person? Check the Early Voting schedule and make a plan. It has changed since last year. Please note, there is no longer Early Vote on the Monday prior to Election Day!

4. Voting by mail? Be sure to request and return your ballot promptly! The deadline by which you need to request an absentee ballot has changed. Now you have to request a ballot a full week before election day (you used to be able to request until midday on the Saturday before the election). Your voted ballot must be postmarked by the day before election day (May 1st) and it must arrive at the BOE by the fourth day after the election (the window used to be ten days).

5. If you experience problems at the polls or have questions, there is help. Call or text Election Protection at 1-866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) for support from nonpartisan election protection volunteers.

Election Reminders and Resources you may need:

If you have questions or need voting support, please email Kelly Dufour, Voting and Elections Manager, at kdufour@commoncause.org.