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Money & Influence 07.22.2021

FirstEnergy Charged in HB6 Bribery Scandal

The corruption by FirstEnergy highlights the need for greater transparency, beginning first of all with transparency of corporate political spending. With full and transparent information, shareholders can see and decide if the corporation’s political giving is on the up-and-up, and citizens can see if elected officials are “in the pocket” of — and doing the bidding of — their large corporate donors.

Money & Influence 07.21.2021

One Year Anniversary of Ohio Speaker of House Arrest in $61 Million Bribery Scandal

Even after the largest scandal in the history of the state, we are nowhere closer to reigning in the influence of money in Ohio politics than we were one year ago. It is not yet too late for us pass new laws that will shine a light on “dark money.” However, our state legislative leaders need to act with urgency and make transparency and accountability a top priority — or Ohioans will undoubtedly face yet another embarrassing scandal.

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