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Voting & Elections 08.1.2022

Ohio State Legislature Primary Election TOMORROW, Aug. 2

"Tomorrow, Aug. 2, marks Ohio’s second primary election. While it is hard to go to the polls knowing that the Ohio House and Senate districts have been determined to be unconstitutional, Ohioans want to have their say.  Voters will not opt out because of these rigged voting districts."


Ohio Redistricting Commission Has New Chance to Draw Fair Maps After Ohio Supreme Court Strikes Down Second Attempt

Today, the Ohio Supreme Court struck down the congressional map drawn by the Ohio Redistricting Commission. Once again, the court’s majority stood behind the people, the Ohio Constitution and the right for fair maps.

Fair Districts Ohio Affirms Support of the Independent Ohio General Assembly Maps

"With only one day remaining before the May 6 deadline for a fifth map, Fair Districts Ohio urges the Redistricting Commission to adopt the independent set of maps drawn by bipartisan experts Dr. Douglas Johnson and Dr. Michael McDonald."

Ohio Redistricting Commission Holds Hearing to Begin Fifth Attempt at Mapmaking

Ohioans have been waiting since 2015 for fair state legislative maps and continue to put pressure on the Ohio Redistricting Commission.

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