Common Cause North Carolina calls for extending voter registration deadline in wake of Hurricane Matthew’s impact

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  • Bryan Warner

RALEIGH – North Carolina’s voter registration deadline is approaching this Friday, even as thousands of the state’s residents are still severely affected by Hurricane Matthew’s impact. 

With 31 counties included in a federal disaster declaration, and road closures, power outages, evacuations and flooding continuing to be major problems, Common Cause North Carolina is calling on the State Board of Elections to extend the voter registration deadline for those areas impacted by the storm to Oct. 19.

While a court decision in July reinstated same-day voter registration for the early voting period from Oct. 20-Nov. 5, same-day registration does not apply for Election Day itself. As such, North Carolinians who miss this Friday’s voter registration deadline would not have the option of voting on the Nov. 8 Election Day — unless the State Board of Elections extends the registration deadline.

“Thousands of North Carolinians continue to face loss of power, flooding and serious property damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. They should be able to focus on the safety and wellbeing of themselves and their families at this time, without the added concern about possibly missing an opportunity to vote,” said Bob Phillips, executive director of the nonpartisan Common Cause North Carolina. “We believe the fair and responsible action for the State Board of Elections is to extend the voter registration deadline. We urge Gov. McCrory and legislators from the affected regions to join us in asking the State Board of Elections to extend the registration deadline.”

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