Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Elections in North Carolina

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Yesterday, Common Cause North Carolina hosted an on-the-record media briefing covering all the details about how elections are run — and why voters can trust the results.

A recording of the briefing is available at https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/_1O4B8H-unwOBZjYOeCM9cTOD9IhgBLvNPWaVOFRTIpGMS5L5bB_eciyeQfnQuFP4Bo-E66rH_C_Qczz.vmPHL1_8FCjfragS?autoplay=true 

Media are invited to use the webinar as a reference, or to rebroadcast portions or all of the recording. Speakers’ view and audio versions are available upon request

Election disinformation is rampant – and is damaging voters’ trust in our elections systems. This recording provides reporters with reliable information about how North Carolina elections are run, including

  • how voter lists are maintained
  • systems that safeguard mail ballots
  • systems that ensure voters can only cast one ballot
  • how ballots are counted and when results can be expected
  • trends in election disinformation and how to responsibly report on it
  • nonpartisan Election Protection resources available to voters who need assistance 

The event was moderated by Common Cause North Carolina Executive Director Bob Phillips. It also featured

  • Tim Tsujii, Elections Director for Forsyth County
  • Michael G. Dickerson, Director of Elections for Mecklenburg County
  • Common Cause North Carolina Community Engagement Specialist Tyler Daye
  • Common Cause Disinformation Analyst Emma Steiner