2020 NC Voter Guide helps North Carolinians get ready to cast an informed ballot

RALEIGH – North Carolinians looking for nonpartisan information on candidates and voting can find that with the 2020 NC Voter Guide, a free public service from Common Cause NC available at NCVoterGuide.org.

The interactive guide at NCVoterGuide.org allows voters to simply enter their address and meet the candidates on their personalized ballot, seeing where the candidates stand on key issues such as health care, education, COVID-19 recovery and more. The guide also provides important information on making a plan to vote – either absentee by mail or in person.

“Our 2020 NC Voter Guide is designed to help all North Carolina voters fully participate in this year’s election and cast an informed ballot,” said Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause NC. “The guide also gives voters information about their options to cast a ballot safely and securely this election, whether that’s absentee by mail, or in person during early voting or on Election Day.”

Phillips notes that while the presidential contest is attracting the lion’s share of attention, North Carolina voters will be electing many other crucial positions at the federal, state and local levels this year.

“Our state has one of the longest ballots in the nation. And so we strive to give voters information on all the races on their ballot, from U.S. Senate and Council of State, to judicial and legislative races, along with local contests for county commissioner or school board,” Phillips said. “From the top of the ballot to the bottom, all of these offices directly impact the lives of North Carolinians and it’s important to know who you’re voting for.”

Absentee voting is underway in North Carolina. Early voting runs Oct. 15-31 and Election Day is Nov. 3. Common Cause NC encourages voters to visit NCVoterGuide.org to learn about the candidates, make a plan to vote and then make their voices heard in the election.

“The only way our democracy can truly function is if everyone has a seat at the table – when every voice is heard, and every vote is counted – to ensure that we have a government that is of, by and for the people,” Phillips said. “Our goal is to help all North Carolina voters engage in this year’s election and exercise the power of their ballot.”

Common Cause NC is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to upholding the core values of American democracy. Information on this year’s election in North Carolina can be found at NCVoterGuide.org.

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