We all want free and fair elections. 

North Carolinians deserve a democracy that values and holds sacred the freedom to vote. At Common Cause North Carolina, we are committed to defending voting rights, making the ballot box accessible for all eligible voters and safeguarding our voting systems to guarantee accurate and fair elections. Every election year, we mobilize volunteers to help our fellow North Carolinians navigate the voting process and cast their votes without obstruction, confusion or intimidation.

Common Cause North Carolina is part of a nonpartisan Election Protection Coalition that seeks to ensure that every eligible voter who wants to vote can and that every vote is counted accurately. Our Election Protection program is not affiliated with any party, candidate or issue campaign.

You can use our voting tools to verify your voter registration, find out if you are eligible to vote, register to vote, get election reminders and more.

We can’t do it without you…

Direct volunteer intervention is the most effective way to make sure voters can’t be disenfranchised by confusion over election rules, long lines, under-resourced polling places, and acts of intimidation or deception. That’s why Common Cause North Carolina has developed an election protection program for midterm and presidential elections.

With our election protection program, we help eliminate these obstacles to voting and make elections more efficient by:

  • Ensuring voters have access to the ballot box to make their vote count
  • Providing voters with necessary voting information and answering their questions
  • Quickly identifying and correcting any problems at polling places
  • Gathering information to illustrate potential barriers to voting

Join us in safeguarding our elections by signing up to be a:

  • Poll Monitor: Identify issues at the polls, answer voters’ questions, and connect those who are denied a ballot to legal resources. PPE will be provided. 
  • Roving Poll Monitor: Drive or bike between polling places and check on lines, signage, and poll preparation. Report back to HQ on any problems at the polls that need to be solved.
  • Social Media Monitor: Search for social media posts that share issues at the polls, connect voters to resources and support, and report election-related mis- and disinformation.
  • 866-OUR VOTE Hotline Monitor: *Must be a law student, attorney, or have a legal background* Respond and field calls from voters concerning election deadlines, trouble at the polls, and other issues and track and record information accordingly.
  • Voter Contact Volunteer: Use phone banking tools to talk to thousands of voters to give them accurate voting information and support.


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Voting Tools

As Americans, our right to vote is a privilege and a responsibility. The right to vote and have our voices heard is fundamental to our democracy. Our democracy is stronger when every eligible American participates, confident that when they cast a vote that it will be counted as cast, that the process is secure and that anyone who interferes or tampers with our elections will be held accountable.

You can use these voting tools to verify your voter registration, find out if you are eligible to vote, register to vote, get election reminders and more.

Use our collection of voting tools to:

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